Fall 2014 Course Schedule

1969: Year of Turmoil and Tranquility [F-14-1]

Aaron Burr and the Election of 1800 [F-14-2]

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group A) [F-14-3]

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group B) [F-14-4]
Course Closed

Amazonian Army Ants: Their Secret Lives [F-14-5]
Course Closed

Anthropology of Architecture [F-14-6]

Appreciating Modern Poetry [F-14-7]

The Arab Spring as Told through Graffiti [F-14-8]

Art and Symbolism of the Hand in India [F-14-9]
Course Closed

Art Workshop A [F-14-10]
Course Closed

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-14-11]

Biology of Vertebrate Metamorphosis [F-14-12]

Boy Did I Get a Deal or Maybe Not: Consumer Protection and Deceptive Pricing [F-14-13]
Course Closed

Bridge for Fun: Intermediate Level [F-14-14]

Community Capitalism in Rural China [F-14-15]

Complex Networks: An Exciting New Field [F-14-16]

Composting, Vermiculture and Soil Health [F-14-17]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-14-18]

CSI-Effect: Fact vs. Fiction [F-14-19]
Course Closed

Current Events [F-14-20]

Decorative Painting Techniques [F-14-21]
Course Closed

Diabetes Prevention [F-14-22]

Exploring Popular Songs [F-14-23]

Financial Planning for Seniors [F-14-24]
Course Closed

First Ladies of the Civil War [F-14-25]

Galaxies [F-14-26]
Course Closed

GIS, GPS, and Geocaching [F-14-27]

The Great Depression: Myths and Realities [F-14-28]

History of the Norwood Brass Firemen [F-14-29]

The Indo-Pacific Bead: What It Can Tell Us [F-14-30]

Insurance: The Strange Origins of Probabilistic Thinking [F-14-31]

An Introduction to Native Americans [F-14-32]

John Philip Sousa: The Man and the Music [F-14-33]

Kayakalp Yoga - CANCELED [F-14-34]

Leopards and Jaguars; Elephants and Rhinos [F-14-35]

Light Matters: Spectroscopy [F-14-36]

Mah Jongg [F-14-37]

Mindfulness Practices [F-14-38]

Monet to Van Gogh: A History of Impressionism [F-14-39]
Course Closed

The Music of J. S. Bach [F-14-40]

The Musicals of Stephen Sondheim - CANCELED [F-14-41]

Nature Up North: Citizen Science Projects [F-14-42]

North Country Grown Cooperative, Inc. [F-14-43]

North Country Trees and Shrubs [F-14-44]
Course Closed

Oil and Chaos: Ukraine, Russia and USA [F-14-45]
Course Closed

Oral History: Voices of the Past [F-14-46]
Course Closed

Our Neighbor's Faith: Mormon, Jewish and Muslim [F-14-47]
Course Closed

Pre- and Post-Election Analysis [F-14-48]

Psychology: More than Talk Therapy [F-14-49]

Pythagorean Theorem and Pythagorean Triples [F-14-50]

Raising a Few Sheep or Goats [F-14-51]

Reading Willa Cather [F-14-52]

Remington: "He Knew the Horse" [F-14-53]
Course Closed

Searching NY State Historical Newspapers (Group A) [F-14-54]
Course Closed

Searching NY State Historical Newspapers (Group B) [F-14-55]

Smart Phones and Tablets: An Introduction [F-14-56]
Course Closed

Surviving Life in a Haunted House [F-14-57]

Tales Fossils Tell [F-14-58]

Tunes-R-Us [F-14-59]

Tunisian Stitch Afghans [F-14-60]

Vegetarian Cooking Goes Local [F-14-61]

Vicarious Voyagers XV [F-14-62]
Course Closed

The Virtual Sublime: Simulating the Romantic and Uncanny - CANCELED [F-14-63]

War of 1812 in Musical Parody [F-14-64]

What Data Can Tell Us [F-14-65]


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