Vicarious Voyagers XV [F-14-62]

Presenter:Ruth Kreuzer, Devon and Debbie Shipp, Juanita Babcock, Ginny and Al Schwartz, Joanina Gicobi
Location: Potsdam Civic Center: Community Meeting Room (2 Park St.)
Classes: 4 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Fri 2:00 PM 09/12, 09/19, 09/26, 10/03

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Voyage vicariously to exotic places with our world-traveling presenters via their slide shows. Coordinator Ruth Kreuzer is herself a world traveler. She loves seeing the world through the lens of a camera and enjoys hearing about the experiences of other travelers.

Four adventures await you (in this order):

  • (Day 1 - 9/12) Australia: Antipodean Anecdotes” – Devon and Debbie Shipp (they both grew up on farms in the southeast of Australia, and spent their first ~25 years in rural Victoria and in the city of Melbourne; they have spent the past 17 years in the U.S.). Both Devon and Debbie work in the science field at Clarkson University. They get back to Australia every few years.
  • (Day 2 - 9/19) The Himalayan Kingdoms of Tibet, Nepal, and Bhutan” – Juanita Babcock (on a fall 2013 small-group study trip with “Road Scholar”). Juanita has traveled internationally since 1985, sometimes independently or sometimes with groups such as Road Scholar, OAT, CIE and other (companies.
  • (Day 3 - 9/26) Do It Yourself Alaska“ – Ginny and Al Schwartz (three weeks in Aug./Sept. on their own, following their to-do wish list of sites/activities, which included a flight around Denali National Park and onto(!) Mt. McKinley). Al and Ginny winter in Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific coast of Mexico and year-round indulge themselves in the study of the flora and fauna of different ecosystems.
  • (Day 4 - 10/3) A Village in Kenya vs. Potsdam” – Joanina Gicobi (a discussion of her desire and motivation to leave Kenya, with its strict cultural practices, to pursue an education in the US; what she has learned here and what does it all mean for her future career). Joanina is a senior at Clarkson University majoring in biology and psychology.  LINK:

NOTES: 1) Come to any or all of the presentations; 2) Allow extra time to find a parking spot and/or for walking; please do not park in the IGA parking lot – those spaces are for customers who need to grocery shop.

Cap: 80


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