Fall 2010 Course Schedule

Advanced Contract Bridge [F-10-1]

Advanced Watercolor Workshop [F-10-2]

Arab World: Reality and Myth [F-10-3]
Course Closed

Basic Drawing [F-10-4]
Course Closed

Basic Forensic Science Techniques [F-10-5]

Beginning Tai-Chi [F-10-6]

Birdwoman of Pierrepont: Carvings by Hazel Tyrrell [F-10-7]

Black Fly Control with Bti [F-10-8]

Building with Potsdam Red Sandstone [F-10-9]
Course Closed

Cards by You [F-10-10]
Course Closed

Continuing Tai-Chi [F-10-11]

Crew Rowing [F-10-12]

Cryptography through the Ages [F-10-13]

Current Events [F-10-14]

Dead Sea Scrolls [F-10-15]

Democracy and the First Amendment [F-10-16]

Earth and Climate [F-10-17]

First Aid and CPR: An Introduction [F-10-18]

First Ladies: Children, In-Laws and Outlaws II [F-10-19]
Course Closed

The Flu Epidemic of 1918 [F-10-20]
Course Closed

Fort Drum: An Overview [F-10-21]

Global Climate: Learning from the Deep Past [F-10-22]

Historical Archaeology of the Adirondacks [F-10-23]
Course Closed

Hospice Caregiver Program [F-10-24]

Japanese Calligraphy [F-10-25]
Course Closed

Karate for All Ages: Fitness, Energy and Personal Safety - Canton [F-10-26]

Karate for All Ages: Fitness, Energy and Personal Safety - Potsdam [F-10-27]

Ken Ken - Partridge Knoll [F-10-28]

Ken Ken - Silas Wright House [F-10-29]

Knit This and That [F-10-30]

Lab Extraction of DNA [F-10-31]

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [F-10-32]

Lincoln: The War Years - Part 1 [F-10-33]
Course Closed

Mah Jongg [F-10-34]

Math: Everything You Didn't Learn in High School [F-10-35]

Metropolitan Opera: Live in HD, an Introduction [F-10-36]

Mosses and Mushrooms of the North Country [F-10-37]
Course Closed

Mosses and Mushrooms of the North Country [F-10-38]

Music Boxes and Music Machines [F-10-39]

The Norse: Viking Weapons and Armor [F-10-40]

Old Order Amish [F-10-41]
Course Closed

Our Town Histories [F-10-42]

Plants: Wow, we can grow that up here?! [F-10-43]

Pre and Post Election Analysis [F-10-44]

"Romeo and Juliet"; Page and Stage [F-10-45]

Stained Glass Craft: An Overview and Introduction [F-10-46]
Course Closed

Tiffany Windows, Trinity Episcopal Church, Potdsam [F-10-47]

Trees of the North Country [F-10-48]

Tunes R Us [F-10-49]

Vicarious Voyagers VII [F-10-50]

Vintage Antique Jewelry and Coins [F-10-51]

Visiting Montreal [F-10-52]
Course Closed

Women's Place [F-10-53]

Writers of Our Modern Short Stories [F-10-54]

Writing Biography: Pleasures and Pitfalls [F-10-55]


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