Plants: Wow, we can grow that up here?! [F-10-43]

Presenter: Tony Beane
Location: SUNY Canton: Newell Veterinarian Center 109
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Tue 3:00 PM 09/21, 09/28

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First we will look at the USDA Plant Hardiness Zones Maps; then we will discuss how some plants are able to grow here even though reference articles say they should not be able to do so. We will talk about some of the interesting plants in the SUNY Canton Arboretum, and then you will be given a tour of the arboretum. By reading some of the labeled specimens, you will surely find information for current and future reference.

Tony Beane is a veterinarian who teaches in SUNY Canton’s Veterinary Technician Program. He has a special interest in plants, and, over the past 6 years, he has worked on planting an arboretum on the SUNY Canton campus. He teaches animal nutrition and pharmacology, so knowledge of plants comes in handy.

NOTE: Wear appropriate footwear and raingear (if needed) for the arboretum tour.

Cap: 55


  • - Tony's web site - with some of the PowerPoint material used in this course. (Format: ppsx PowerPoint opens in view mode)
  • - Forestfarm home page. Online shopping. Includes section "Find Plants" and a "Photo Gallery"; and under "information" you will find such things as a "Reocmmended Books" list and and a "Hardiness Zone Chart." (Send for their free catalog - it makes a "great reference with thousands of plants at your fingertips"
  • Manual of Woody Landscape Plants. On sale at - you can read a few pages there for free.

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