Global Climate: Learning from the Deep Past [F-10-22]

Presenter: Antun Husinec
Location: SLCHA: Silas Wright House: County Gallery
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Tue 10:00 AM 11/09, 11/16
Status: CLOSED

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What is the faint young Sun paradox? A Slushball Earth? Do glaciations always occur when continents are located in polar positions? What explains the warmth 100 Myr [million years] ago? What is the cause of global cooling during the last 50 Myr? How cold were the glacial tropics? How could the northern hemisphere ice sheets affect climate in the southern hemisphere? Couldn’t the increase in atmospheric CO2 be the result of natural cycles? Did early farmers alter climate? What of the future? This course offers the answers to these, as well as to a many other climate change questions.

Antun Husinec received his PhD from the University of Zagreb, Croatia; he did post-doctorate work at Virginia Tech. His current research interests emphasize the use of tropical shallow marine sedimentary records to understand past depositional, climatic and oceanographic systems.

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