Spring 2016 Course Schedule

Acupressure for Common Ailments [S-16-1]
Course Closed

African-American Soldiers and the Civil War [S-16-2]

Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste on the Clarkson Campus [S-16-3]

Archaeology Findings: Jamestown, VA and the North Country [S-16-4]

Art Workshop [S-16-5]

Baseball Card Collecting [S-16-6]

Basic Bridge [S-16-7]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-16-8]

Bridge for Fun: Intermediate Level [S-16-9]

Chinese Philosophies [S-16-10]

Common Core: Making it Work [S-16-11]

Confederation: The Birth of Canada [S-16-12]

Confocal Microscopy (Group A) [S-16-13]

Confocal Microscopy (Group B) [S-16-14]
Course Closed

Contemporary Middle East: Things Falling Apart [S-16-15]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-16-16]

Crafting with Little Wild Things [S-16-17]
Course Closed

Current Events [S-16-18]

Degradable Plastics [S-16-19]

Demystifying Medicare [S-16-20]

Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Expeditions [S-16-21]

Edibles in the Landscape [S-16-22]

Exciting Activities Using Colorful Chemicals [S-16-23]

Flower Gardening in the North Country [S-16-24]

Folklore is in Our Nature [S-16-25]

From Red Blood Cells to a New Concept for Bio Devices [S-16-26]

Genealogy: The Flip Side [S-16-27]

The Good Ol' Days in Northern New York [S-16-28]
Course Closed

Gunnison Chapel at SLU [S-16-29]

History of Religious Campgrounds in 3-D [S-16-30]

The House Cat: Origins, Natural History Domestication [S-16-31]

In the Navy [S-16-32]

Kubrick Films [S-16-33]
Course Closed

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [S-16-34]
Course Closed

Line Dancing for Beginners [S-16-35]

Linguistics: The Science of Language [S-16-36]

Lost World of the Night Boat [S-16-37]

Mah Jongg [S-16-38]

Making a Strip Quilt [S-16-39]
Course Closed

Martial Arts for Personal Safety, Self-Defense, Inner Energy [S-16-40]

The Mighty Power of the Worm: The Silkworm [S-16-41]

More Favorite Poems (Group A) [S-16-42]

More Favorite Poems (Group B) [S-16-43]

Nutrition for Seniors [S-16-44]

The Peloponnesian War [S-16-45]

Perceptions of Hydrofracking in 2016 [S-16-46]

Periodic Table Study Using Hands-On Activities [S-16-47]

Potsdam Food Co-op and Carriage House Bakery (Group A) [S-16-48]

Potsdam Food Co-op and Carriage House Bakery (Group B) [S-16-49]

Prion Diseases: Mad Cows to Cannibals: The Human Microbiome [S-16-50]

"Return to the Forbidden Planet" a Musical Comedy: Read, See, Review [S-16-51]

SAIL: Stay Active and Independent for Life [S-16-52]
Course Closed

Senior Fitness [S-16-53]
Course Closed

Sharing Card Games [S-16-54]

Simple Strategies to Use at Home to Make Life Easier [S-16-55]

Starlight [S-16-56]

Stopping Global Warming with Advanced Porous Materials [S-16-57]

Tai-Chi: The Short Form [S-16-58]

Traditional Literature of Folklore [S-16-59]

Vicarious Voyagers XVIII [S-16-60]

Waste Management and Resource Efficiency [S-16-61]

Winning at the Race Track [S-16-62]

Your Health Portfolio 101 [S-16-63]


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