Your Health Portfolio 101 [S-16-63]

Presenter:Deborah Chase Lauther, Paul Tejera, Imre Rainey-Spence, Keri Allen, Mariam Asar
Location: Canton-Potsdam Hospital: Conference Room A and B
Classes: 5 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Fri 12:00 PM 04/01, 04/08, Thu 04/14, Fri 04/22, 04/29
Status: CLOSED

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Meet three specialists, one hospitalist, and one professional who can talk to you about such things as living wills. Find out how all these presenters work together to improve your health and healthcare experience.

The presentations are in this order:

  • Dr. Paul Tejera, Endocrinologist - “You’re Sweet Enough; Keeping Your Blood Sugar in Check”
  • Dr. Imré Rainey-Spence, Hospitalist - “A Hospitalist? But I already HAVE a Doctor.”
  • Dr. Rochak Varma, Nephrologist - “Kidneys: Frontline Filtration”
  • Keri Allen, Director, Patient Experience - “As I Live and Breathe... Your Living Will”
  • Dr. Mariam Asar, Psychiatrist - “Mens Sana in Corpore Sano - A Healthy Mind is a Healthy Body”

Deborah Lauther is the Social Media and Community Events Coordinator for Canton Potsdam Hospital (CPH). As you can see, she has put together a diverse range of health topics for us.

NOTES: 1) A light lunch is included at each of the sessions; 2) Classes are held on Thursdays, except for the class on Friday April 15th, 3) Hospital parking lots are very full, especially around noontime; carpool, if you can.

Cap: 40

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