Canton-Potsdam Hospital: Conference Room A and B

50 Leroy Street
Potsdam, NY 13676
Phone: 265-3300

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SEE THE GOOGLE MAP BELOW to identify the streets and exact location of the CPH campus buildings.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: 50 Leroy St. Conference Room A and B is located in the main hospital building on the second floor of the new addition. Enter the main door from the parking lot, turn left when you get to the Check-in area, then follow that corridor almost to the very end, entering the new section where you will find an elevator. Take the elevator to the second floor, exit and walk through the double doors and down the corridor to the far end. Conference Room A and B are on the right.

PARKING: It is suggested that you carpool where possible as the main parking lot is often full around noontime. The hospital suggests you park on a nearby street (don't park where it says "NO PARKING!), so that the main lot can be more free to accommodate the cars of the doctors, patients and hospital visitors.

ACCESSI BILITY: The building has a handicap door main entrance.The hospital has handicap restrooms, support rails, and other accommodations for handicapped people.

RESTROOMS: The are restrooms in the main hallway on the left close to service windows. There is also restroom across from the conference rooms.

TECH and OTHER EQUIPMENT: projector, screen, white board, monitor, DVD/VCR combo player.

FURNISHINGS: conference tables and chairs

ROOM CAPACITY: 40 (when both sections are combined)

NOTE: Enlarge the Google map below to see building names, road names and other details.

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