Martial Arts for Personal Safety, Self-Defense, Inner Energy [S-16-40]

Presenter:Frank Palumbo
Location: SUNY: Maxcy Dance Studio
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Wed 11:15 AM 03/23, 03/30
Status: CLOSED

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Through the disciplines of the martial arts, participants will gain skills in recognizing and avoiding possibly risky situations. SOAR members will also gain knowledge of techniques that are both practical and effective in escaping, redirecting, and countering an aggressor’s actions. The martial arts improve confidence, character, focus, and inner peace. Topics to be presented include: balance, ki (chi) energy, strikes, blocks, kicks, self-defense, and meditation techniques.

Frank Palumbo has studied and taught the martial arts for over forty years. As a teacher and coach of athletic programs throughout the North Country, Frank has worked with youth in K-12, with college students and staff, and with many adult organizations. He has authored publications related to personal fitness and the histories and philosophies of the martial arts. Frank is a Master Instructor of American Kang Duk Won Karate.

NOTES: 1) Those who may have trained in other styles of martial art are welcome to attend; 2) Lessons are totally non-contact and highly respectful in their manner of instruction; 3) No previous experience is required; 4) presenter will supply all materials and class items; 5) Suggested website:

Cap: 20

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