Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Expeditions [S-16-21]

Presenter: Mark Erickson
Location: SLU: Brown 141-142
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Mon 1:00 PM 03/14, 03/21
Status: CLOSED

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Using photos from several expeditions and from museums he has visited, the presenter will discuss the effort and techniques that go into the discovery and preparation of each dinosaur specimen, as well as those of a few other fossil vertebrates. After he gives some background information during each session, the presenter will invite questions from the participants. He will also talk about a few of the recent developments in dinosaur science that are breaking news these days. The ecosystems of the Hell Creek Formation (found in parts of Montana, North and South Dakota, and Wyoming) in which dinos lived will also be up for discussion.

About half-way through Mark Erickson’s career teaching paleontology at SLU, he developed a summer school course in conjunction with the North Dakota Geological Survey. This allowed him, along with his students, to visit multiple digs for dinosaurs and many other vertebrate fossils of animals that lived just before the great dinosaur extinction.

NOTE: If possible, rent or borrow “Jurassic Park” and view it within a few days of the first class meeting.


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