Vicarious Voyagers XVIII [S-16-60]

Presenter:Juanita Babcock, Ruth Kreuzer, Eileen Raymond, Mark and Cynthia Coleman, Mary Ellen Carvel, Mary Ellen and Charlie Carvel
Location: Potsdam Civic Center: Community Meeting Room (2 Park St.)
Classes: 4 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Thu 9:30 AM 04/21, 04/28, 05/05, 05/12
Status: CLOSED

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Voyage vicariously to exotic places with our world-traveling presenters via their slide shows. “Super SOARer” and honoree for her “Outstanding Contributions to SOAR,” Ruth Kreuzer (Coordinator of the Vicarious Voyagers) is herself an avid world traveler and photographer. These adventures await you (in this order):

  • Juanita Babcock – Hiking in Southern England. Spectacular coastal cliffs in Cornwall; the wool trade in the Cotswolds; royal history in southernmost England; “Doc Martin” and “Poldark” territory. Ever since she retired, Juanita has been on the road to some “exotic” location or other. For SOAR she has given talks on: India, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Africa, Mongolia, Himalayan Kingdoms, and the Inca Trail. Most recent and upcoming trips for 2016: Cuba, The Balkans, Kenya/Tanzania Safari, Israel and Jordan. Juanita is the fall 2015 recipient of the “Leon LeBeau SOARing Educator Award,” given in honor of the many travel presentations and classes she has given, and for her dedicated service to our organization.
  • Eileen Raymond – Jerusalem and Bethlehem: The Great Divide. Israelis and Palestinians, West Bank, Jerusalem’s Old City, Montefiore Windmill, view from Mt. Scopus, Church of the Nativity, refugee camp, Herodian and Hebron, markets, restaurants, Separation Wall – from both sides. Eileen started traveling in earnest starting with a year-long Fulbright stay in South Africa. Most of her visits start with professional activities, but she always stays long enough to get to know something about the country and people she visits.
  • Mark and Cynthia Coleman – Provence, Languedoc and the Dordogne in France. Paleolithic cave-paintings, Roman aqueducts and arenas, medieval monasteries and castles, Cathar redoubts and Mediterranean ports. Since 1970 the Colemans have traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. Their most recent SOAR travel talk was about their trip around the Baltic Sea; past talks covered: the Trans-Caucasus, Northern Italy, and the Silk Roads of Central Asia. In 2016, they are off again to some exotic places.
  • Mary Ellen and Charlie Carvel – Walking the “Camino de Santiago” in Northern Spain. Spanish countryside (including the Meseta), mountains, cathedrals, villages, the cities of Burgos, Leon and Santiago. Mary Ellen, along with Sue Hayden, did a Vicarious Voyager presentation on their walking trip across England. This time it was Mary Ellen and her husband Charlie who made a long trek together.

NOTES: 1) Come to any or all of the presentations; 2) Allow extra time to find a parking spot and/or for walking; please do NOT park in the IGA parking lot – those spaces are for customers!

Cap: 80

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