Spring 2012 Course Schedule

Advanced Contract Bridge [S-12-1]

Aging: Cross-Cultural Perspectives [S-12-2]

American Silver: Coin, Sterling and Silver Plate [S-12-3]

Americans at War: 1860-1865 [S-12-4]

Arctic Tundra Expeditions [S-12-5]

Art Workshop B [S-12-6]

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners [S-12-7]
Course Closed

Beginning Tai-Chi [S-12-8]

Building Better Bones [S-12-9]
Course Closed

Calligraphy: Roman Round Hand [S-12-10]
Course Closed

Cave to Concert Hall [S-12-11]

China and the West [S-12-12]

Claxton-Hepburn History in Photos [S-12-13]

Climate Change Science and Policy [S-12-14]

Coffee, Gossip and Math [S-12-15]

Computers a la Carte [S-12-16]
Course Closed

Continuing Tai-Chi [S-12-17]

Current Events [S-12-18]

Cyber Terrorism: Is It Real? [S-12-19]

Decision Making under Risk and Uncertainty [S-12-20]

Digestive Wellness for Vital Health [S-12-21]
Course Closed

Dry Ice Demonstrations [S-12-22]

Early Canada to 1867 [S-12-23]

Early Lighting Devices [S-12-24]

Edgar Cayce Exercises [S-12-25]
Course Closed

50+ Yoga [S-12-26]
Course Closed

First Ladies: Children, In-Laws and Outlaws (Part 2) [S-12-27]

Fitness for Seniors [S-12-28]
Course Closed

Geology of NY State Part 2 [S-12-29]

Grass Pellets: An Alternative Home Heating Fuel [S-12-30]

Hamlet on Film [S-12-31]

Human Memory: How It Works (or Doesn't) [S-12-32]
Course Closed

Japan and the US: Comparisons and Differences [S-12-33]

Laura Ingalls Wilder: Beyond the Little House Books [S-12-34]

Mah Jongg [S-12-35]

Mercury Cycling in the Environment [S-12-36]

Mexican Train Dominoes [S-12-37]

Monarch Butterflies: Creating Way Stations [S-12-38]

The Music of the Beatles [S-12-39]

Nanotechnology for Better Health [S-12-40]

The New Age: What is It All About? [S-12-41]

Numerolgy for Fun [S-12-42]
Course Closed

Perennialism: Deep Roots for a Resilient Culture [S-12-43]
Course Closed

Precious Cameos: Greek to Victorian [S-12-44]

Ray Bradbury: A Life in Metaphors [S-12-45]

Religious Etymology [S-12-46]

Researching the Paranormal in China [S-12-47]

Rushton: The Stradivarius of the Canoe [S-12-48]

Sampling and Polling Processes [S-12-49]

Spiritual Healing from a Christian Science Perspective [S-12-50]

Spring and Summer Sky 2012 [S-12-51]

Taking Control of Arthritis [S-12-52]
Course Closed

Tatting [S-12-53]

Vicarious Voyagers X [S-12-54]

Warfare in Ancient Greece [S-12-55]

Weather or Not [S-12-56]
Course Closed

Women's Athletics [S-12-57]

Zumba Gold [S-12-58]


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