Women's Athletics [S-12-57]

Presenter:Dotty Hall
Location: Partridge Knoll: Multi-Purpose Room
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Tue 10:30 AM 03/13, 03/20
Status: CLOSED

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This mini-course addresses two distinct topics: 1) “What It Takes to Write a Book” will focus on the presenter’s personal experiences, encountered when writing her first book; 2) “What Happens When a Sequel Is Suggested to the First Book?” When Title IX became law in 1972,

Dotty Hall thought it would only be a “few short years” before girls and women would finally have the same opportunities that boys and men have always had in sports. Little did she know that her second book would end up spanning more than 40 years of struggling for equality! Dotty says she can’t remember a time when she was not interested in sports. She retired from teaching and coaching at SLU in 2000. Her book, Women’s Sports at St. Lawrence University – From Beginnings to Title IX, was published in 2005. Currently Dotty is working on SLU’s history of women’s intercollegiate athletics in the post Title IX years.


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