Fall 2011 Course Schedule

AARP Driver Safety Course [F-11-1]
Course Closed

Adirondack Mining: Past and Present [F-11-2]
Course Closed

Advanced Contract Bridge [F-11-3]

Age-Related Vision Loss [F-11-4]

The American Comic Book: An Overview [F-11-5]

American Folk Art: Here and There [F-11-6]
Course Closed

The Amish [F-11-7]
Course Closed

Art Workshop A [F-11-8]
Course Closed

The Automobile: Taking out the Mystery [F-11-9]

Beginning Tai-Chi [F-11-10]

The Big Cats [F-11-11]

Birds of Northern New York [F-11-12]

Canada Today [F-11-13]

Chess [F-11-14]

Chinese Science, Invention, and Discovery: A History [F-11-15]

Conflict Resolution, Mediation and Arbitration: Building Skills [F-11-16]

Continuing Tai-Chi [F-11-17]

Current Events [F-11-18]

Decorative Painting [F-11-20]

A Dig at a 1900's Country School Site [F-11-22]
Course Closed

Digital Camera Use for Beginners [F-11-23]
Course Closed

Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County [F-11-24]

Fiction Writing for Beginners [F-11-25]
Course Closed

First Ladies: Children, In-Laws and Outlaws [F-11-26]
Course Closed

Frederic Remington: Master Illustrator, Sculptor, Fine Artist [F-11-27]

Free E-Books at Your Library [F-11-28]

Funeral Traditions Across Cultures [F-11-29]
Course Closed

Geological Processes of the North Country [F-11-30]

Gettysburg 1863: The Town and Its People [F-11-31]
Course Closed

Horse Brasses: The History and Symbolism of Harness Decorations [F-11-32]

I Can Feel Better: Living with Long Term Health Conditions [F-11-33]

The India of My Childhood and Youth [F-11-34]
Course Closed

Insect Behavior [F-11-35]

Instructional Videos by Contemporary Watercolorists [F-11-36]
Course Closed

Mah Jongg [F-11-38]

Meditation or Sitting in Silence: How and Why? [F-11-39]

Mesopotamian Mathematics [F-11-40]

Money Saving Shopping Oportunities [F-11-41]
Course Closed

Natural Selection and Other Mechanisms of Evolution [F-11-42]

North Country Authors [F-11-43]

Painting with Liquid Acrylics [F-11-44]
Course Closed

Patenting Life: Good and Agriculture Implications [F-11-45]
Course Closed

Potsdam Food Co-op [F-11-46]
Course Closed

Raquette River History [F-11-47]
Course Closed

Relativity for Poets: All of the Magic, None of the Math [F-11-48]

Secret Soldiers of the Civil War [F-11-49]
Course Closed

Senior Fitness 101 [F-11-50]
Course Closed

Sports Around the World [F-11-51]

Tunes-R-Us [F-11-52]

Vegetarian Cooking [F-11-53]
Course Closed

Vicarious Voyagers IX [F-11-54]

Writing Family History as Bedtime Story [F-11-55]

WWII: The Experiences of a North Country Veteran [F-11-56]


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