The Amish [F-11-7]

Presenter:Betsy Tisdale
Location: Potsdam Civic Center: Community Meeting Room (2 Park St.)
Classes: 3 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Thu 1:00 PM 10/27, 11/03, 11/10

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The Amish seem to be from another world, yet they are in our midst. This course provides some answers to the question of why they came to St. Lawrence County. The presenter will examine in some detail the recent new settlement of Amish in the area east of Potsdam to the county line in Hopkinton. In these class sessions you will get some insights into a rich culture that includes: Amish quilt making, foods, furniture, crafts, children’s toys, and books.

Betsy Tisdale will talk about her 25+ years of contact with local Amish groups. Over the years, Betsy has helped them sell their products (quilts, furniture, crafts, etc.). In doing so, she has gained their trust and friendship and has grown to respect and admire their friendly, quiet ways and their non-materialistic society built on cooperation.

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