Sports Around the World [F-11-51]

Presenter:Neil Johnson
Location: SLU: Atwood 22
Classes: 3 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Fri 1:00 PM 10/28, 11/04, 11/11
Status: CLOSED

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Learn about sports in a worldwide context. This is an intergenerational course with SLU students presenting information and leading the discussion about sports played around the world. Each class will include two presentations. Topics covered include: history of the sport, who plays it, rules of the game, objects needed, why it is important in that country, and more.

Neil Johnson, the coordinator of this course, is a retired Professor of Health and Physical Education at SUNY Potsdam; he also served as chair of that department. For many years Neil also was a wrestling coach at SUNY Potsdam.

NOTE: Students from SLU will be leading this course.

YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN THIS COURSE (no need to register, just come to any or all of the presentations!) All members of SOAR are invited to attend the class "Sports Around the World". No sign up needed. The course is led by students from SLU. Each session will include two or three presentations. Sports and presenters names are listed below. Each sport covered will include: history, why it is important in that country, who plays it, rules, objects needed, popularity, attire, social and economic factors, and more.

The classes are on: Fridays: 10/28, 11/4, 11/11 from 1:00-2:30 p.m.

Sessions will be held on the SLU campus in Atwood Hall basement classroom. PARK in the Vilas Hall (the administration building) lot, which is just off the quad - across the (main entrance street - Romoda Drive) from the Arts Center,


  • October 28
    - Windsurfing and Bobsledding presented by Sarah Abram, Erin Sweeney, and Emily Calieri.
    - Table Tennis and Bobbing presented by Kelly Sabatine and Kelly Sullivan.
  • November 4
    - Trap and Skeet Shooting presented by Anthony Nortz, Kathryn Seyfarth.
    - Snorkeling presented by Max Littlefield and Hannah Williams.
  • November 11 -
    - Laser Tag presented by Caitlin Goolden, Abby Gardner and Meredith Philbin.
    - Gaelic Football presented by Ben Gacacia, Dan Kent and Joey Schlee.

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