Fall 2012 Course Schedule

AARP Driver Safety Course [F-12-1]
Course Closed

Advanced Contrct Bridge [F-12-2]

Art Workshop A [F-12-3]

Artist Jan Vermeer in Historical Context [F-12-4]
Course Closed

Autumn Night Sky: Science and Sky Lore [F-12-5]

Beginning Tai-Chi [F-12-6]

The Big Cats: Leopards and Jaguars [F-12-7]

Biometrics: Automated Human Measurements [F-12-8]

Chemistry: From the Humorous and Fun Side [F-12-9]

Chinese Spinning and Weaving [F-12-10]

Citizen Advocacy: Making Your Voice Heard [F-12-11]

Concert Music: What is Really Happening [F-12-13]

Continuing Tai-Chi [F-12-14]

Creating Clean Air at Home [F-12-15]

Current Events [F-12-16]

Deep Sea Life [F-12-17]

Digital Camera Use for Beginners [F-12-18]
Course Closed

Earth's Climate History [F-12-19]
Course Closed

Eastern Religions and Philosophies [F-12-20]

Financial Planning: Selected Issues [F-12-21]

France and French: Then and Now [F-12-22]
Course Closed

Frederic Remington: Master Illustrator, Sculptor, Fine Artist [F-12-23]

Geology of Our National Parks [F-12-24]
Course Closed

Gunnison Chapel at SLU : A Tour [F-12-25]
Course Closed

He-Said, She-Said Miscommunication [F-12-26]

Historical Archaeology in Action [F-12-27]

History of SUNY Potsdam [F-12-28]

How Your Genes Affect Your Health [F-12-29]

The Iditarod Trail [F-12-30]

Languages of Love in the Digital Age [F-12-31]

Laura Ingalls Wilder [F-12-32]

Lisbon Depot Museum: A Tour [F-12-33]

Mah Jongg [F-12-34]

Making Fishing Lures [F-12-35]
Course Closed

Mammals of Northern New York [F-12-36]

Meditation: An Introduction [F-12-37]
Course Closed

Memoir Writing [F-12-38]
Course Closed

Painting with Liquid Acrylics [F-12-39]

Poetry of the Great War - 1914-1918 [F-12-41]

The Power of Plot [F-12-42]

Reading Alice Munro [F-12-43]

The Realm of the Quantum [F-12-44]

Reconstructing Ancient Environments [F-12-45]

St. Lawrence County Courthouse: An Inside View II [F-12-46]

Seafoods: Choosing the Right Ones [F-12-47]
Course Closed

The Sky in Motion: LIfe on a Tilted Teacup Ride [F-12-48]

Smart Phones and Tablets [F-12-49]
Course Closed

Solar Car Design [F-12-50]

Summer into Autumn Nature Walk [F-12-51]
Course Closed

Swimming for True Beginners [F-12-52]

Tunes-R-Us [F-12-53]

The U.S. Presidential Elections [F-12-54]
Course Closed

Vegetarian Cooking Goes Global [F-12-55]
Course Closed

Vicarious Voyagers XI [F-12-56]

War of 1812 and St. Lawrence County [F-12-57]
Course Closed

Wishbones and Pumpkin Pie: American Thanksgiving [F-12-58]
Course Closed

You Too Can Play the Harmonica [F-12-59]


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