The Realm of the Quantum [F-12-44]

Presenter:Daniel Ben-Avraham
Location: SUNY Potsdam: Maxcy 104
Classes: 3 Sessions 1.0 hours
Dates: Wed 2:30 PM 09/12, 09/19, 09/26
Status: CLOSED

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As we peer closer and closer into the smallest constituents of Nature, things look disconcertingly different from what we may expect, contradicting the most basic of our everyday life experiences. This course will focus on the main conceptual (no math required!) ideas of Quantum Mechanics – the modern science of the very small – and on the key evidence and experiments that propelled us into this singular understanding.

Daniel ben-Avraham has been conducting research and teaching physics at Clarkson University since 1987. He has a keen interest in the popularization of Science’s breathtakingly beautiful ideas.

NOTE: You don’t need math skills; you just need to bring your open, curious mind to class.

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