Spring 2014 Course Schedule

Advanced Contract Bridge [S-14-1]

Art Workshop B [S-14-2]

Artificial Intelligence: Facts and Fiction [S-14-3]

Beginning Basket Weaving [S-14-4]

Beginning Tai-Chi [S-14-5]

A Brief History of Radio [S-14-6]

Building Better Bones: Levels 1 and 2 [S-14-7]
Course Closed

Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton: Kings of Silent Comedy [S-14-8]

China and the West: 1500s to the Present [S-14-9]

Classical Guitar History and Literature [S-14-10]

Continuing Tai-Chi [S-14-11]

Current Events [S-14-12]

Digestive Functions and Development [S-14-13]

Do Viruses Cause Cancer? [S-14-14]

Drive Well: Promoting Older Driver Safety and Mobility [S-14-15]

Early History of New York State [S-14-16]

Early Signs of Spring Nature Walk (Group A) [S-14-17]
Course Closed

eBay: Get Started Selling [S-14-18]

The End of Mt. Kilimanjaro as We Know It [S-14-19]

50+ Yoga [S-14-20]
Course Closed

Fitness for Seniors [S-14-21]

Gaining Strength, Mobility and Health [S-14-22]
Course Closed

Gatherings: America's Quilt Heritage [S-14-23]

Hebrew for Beginners [S-14-24]

The History of Papermaking [S-14-25]

Hobby Farming in Northern New York [S-14-26]

Horse Breeds and More [S-14-27]

Hosmer Hall and the Organ [S-14-28]

Indoor Rock Climbing: An Introduction [S-14-29]

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [S-14-30]

Lost Railroads of the Adirondacks [S-14-31]
Course Closed

Mah Jongg [S-14-32]

Maple Syrup Production [S-14-33]

Mathematics in Ancient Mesopotamia [S-14-34]

Medicare and Health Insurance Options [S-14-35]

Meditation [S-14-36]

Memory and Attention: Surprises of the Mind [S-14-37]
Course Closed

Nelson Mandela: The Story Behind the Icon [S-14-38]

NYS Long Term Care Ombudsman Program [S-14-39]

North Country Authors VI [S-14-40]

Numerology for Fun (Group A) [S-14-41]
Course Closed

Numerology for Fun (Group B) [S-14-42]

Paranormal Investigations [S-14-43]

Race, Ethnicity, and Baseball [S-14-44]

Red Sandstone Trail History Walk (Group A) [S-14-45]
Course Closed

Red Sandstone Trail History Walk (Group B) [S-14-46]
Course Closed

Remembering the Morristown-Brockville Ferries [S-14-47]

Researching Your Family Using Free Online Resources [S-14-48]
Course Closed

Run, Hide, Fight, and Survive [S-14-49]

St. Lawrence Brewery Tour [S-14-50]
Course Closed

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) - (Group A) [S-14-51]
Course Closed

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) - (Group B) [S-14-52]

Shakespeare on Film: Richard III [S-14-53]

Space Shuttle Experiments and Mars Exploration [S-14-54]

Studies in the Sonnet II [S-14-55]

Un-natural North Country Wildlife [S-14-56]

Vicarious Voyagers XIV [S-14-57]

Whole Foods for Whole Health [S-14-58]

You Too Can Play the Harmonica [S-14-59]

Zumba Gold [S-14-60]

Early Signs of Spring Nature Walk (Group B) [S-14-61]


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