Spring 2011 Course Schedule

Adirondack Real Photo Postcards: Collecting Local History [S-11-1]

Advanced Contract Bridge [S-11-2]

Amphibians and Reptiles of the North Country [S-11-3]

Antibiotics: Their Use and Misuse [S-11-4]

Art Workshop B [S-11-5]

Bats: Their Fascinating World [S-11-6]

Beginning Tai-Chi [S-11-7]

Building Better Bones [S-11-8]
Course Closed

Chinese Philosophies [S-11-9]

Continuing Tai-Chi [S-11-10]

Creative English Grammar [S-11-11]

The Crises of Our Times [S-11-12]

Current Events [S-11-13]

DAR or SAR Membership Qualifications: How to Meet Them [S-11-14]

Early Recollections: Their Meaning in Life [S-11-15]

Eastern Bluebird: Life Cycle and Housing [S-11-16]
Course Closed

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet (Potsdam) [S-11-17]
Course Closed

Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet (Canton) [S-11-18]

The Erie Canal and the NY Central Railroad [S-11-19]
Course Closed

Favorite Tennyson Poems [S-11-20]

Financial Planning for Widows and Widowers [S-11-21]

Genealogy for Beginners [S-11-22]
Course Closed

Geology of NY State [S-11-23]
Course Closed

Great Lakes Water Protection [S-11-24]

Green Chemistry for Manufacturing and Sustainable Development [S-11-25]

Helen Hosmer: The Spirit of Crane [S-11-26]

The Irish in Our Midst: A Study in Green [S-11-27]

Kindle E-Book: What You Need to Know [S-11-27]

Life Through Time [S-11-29]

Lincoln: The War Years - Part 2 [S-11-30]
Course Closed

Lyrics in American Popular Music [S-11-31]

Mah Jongg [S-11-32]

Medical Ethics [S-11-33]

Midwives in America: A History [S-11-34]

Model Airplane Building [S-11-35]

Muslim Spain 711-1492: The Splendor and Fragility of al-Andalus [S-11-36]

Oil and Water Sometimes Mix [S-11-37]

Organ to Orchestra Instruments: Musical Acoustics and Music Reproduction [S-11-38]

Origami: The Basics [S-11-39]

The Pen and the Sword: Press, War, and Terror in the 21st Century [S-11-40]

Poetry: The Sestina [S-11-41]

Red Sandstone Trail History Walk morning [S-11-42]
Course Closed

Red Sandstone Trail History Walk afternoon [S-11-43]
Course Closed

Rubber Stamping [S-11-44]

Rummikub [S-11-45]

Silas Wright: Farmer-Statesman [S-11-46]
Course Closed

Spanish Cooking and Culture [S-11-47]
Course Closed

Stained Glass Windows in the North Country [S-11-48]

Stampless Letters: Our Postal History Before Stamps [S-11-49]

Tatting [S-11-50]

Two Parables of Love [S-11-51]

The Vanderbilts: The First Tycoon and His Descendants [S-11-52]

Vicarious Voyagers VIII [S-11-53]

Zumba Gold [S-11-54]


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