Spring 2019 Course Schedule

Adirondack History: The Early Years [S-19-1]
Course Closed

Age Norms Across Generations [S-19-2]

Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Man and His Music [S-19-3]

Canceled [S-19-4]

Army ROTC—What is it? [S-19-5]

Art for Beginners & Neophytes [S-19-6]

Art of the Ancient World [S-19-7]
Course Closed

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-19-8]

Citizens at the Gates: Twitter, Networked Publics, and the Transformation of American Journalism [S-19-9]

Citizens' Response to Active Shooter Events [S-19-10]

Continuing Tai Chi & Qigong [S-19-11]

Country Schools Revisited [S-19-12]
Course Closed

Current Events [S-19-13]

Digital Photography for Portraits and Landscapes [S-19-14]
Course Closed

Drawing for Everyone [S-19-15]
Course Closed

Dying to Talk [S-19-16]

Ekphrastic Poems [S-19-17]

Elephants and Rhinos [S-19-18]

Extraction of DNA [S-19-19]

Fitness for Optimal Aging - New Participants [S-19-20]
Course Closed

Fitness for Optimal Aging - Refresher Level [S-19-21]

Following My Foremothers: WWII Women Engineers [S-19-22]

Fungi and Trees [S-19-23]
Course Closed

Glaciers and Climate [S-19-24]

Hard Times for Hard Maples [S-19-25]

Health Tips for Seniors: Immunization [S-19-26]

Ho Chi Minh: His Life & Legacy [S-19-27]

Honey Bees for Dummies [S-19-28]
Course Closed

How should we understand metaphors in neuroscience? [S-19-29]

Injury Prevention: Staying Active & Healthy [S-19-30]

Interpreting Bird Language and Behavior [S-19-31]
Course Closed

Introduction to Rock Climbing [S-19-32]

Lais of Marie de France [S-19-33]
Course Closed

Lessons on International Trade and Policy [S-19-34]

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [S-19-35]

Line Dancing for Beginners [S-19-36]

Mah Jongg [S-19-37]

Meditation for Emotional Healing [S-19-38]

Motor Control Theory & Stroke Rehabilitation [S-19-39]

Musical Petting Zoo [S-19-40]

My Experience in Nuclear Energy [S-19-41]

Mysteries of the Round Towers of Ireland [S-19-42]
Course Closed

Natural History of Bears [S-19-43]

Nineteenth Century Prison Reform [S-19-44]

Our Amish Neighbors [S-19-45]
Course Closed

Peek Inside the Songwriting Process [S-19-46]

Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity Available [S-19-47]

Secrets of Good Writing [S-19-48]

Settler Colonialism and Global Justice [S-19-49]

Slavery and Freedom in the Americas [S-19-50]

Stem Cells – The Science and Hope [S-19-51]

Stereotypes [S-19-52]

Summer of '69: Woodstock, Moon Landing & more [S-19-53]

Swirling Flows: More than Just Pretty Patterns in the Water [S-19-54]

Tai Chi: The Short Form [S-19-55]

The Talk Therapy Revolution [S-19-56]

Topics in Diversity [S-19-57]

Umwelt in Newspapers: How we appeal to a divided readership [S-19-58]
Course Update: CHANGE IN VENUE for #[58] Umwelt in Newspapers..." this class is now scheduled to be in the Community Room of the Potsdam Town Hall, 18 Elm St. (not in Silas Wright). It will still be on May 16, at 1:00 pm.

Understanding Political Polls: Real or Fake News? [S-19-59]
Course Update: "Understanding Political Polls..." has been canceled for this semester.

Vicarious Voyagers XXIV [S-19-60]

Watercolor/Mixed Media Art Workshop: Intermediate Level [S-19-61]
Course Closed

What Did I Miss? [S-19-62]
Course Closed

Why Storytelling Matters for Building Peace [S-19-63]

Wildlife & Roads: How Do We Make Roads Safer for People & Nature? [S-19-64]

Women Representing Women in Politics [S-19-65]

Yoga Nidra [S-19-66]

Adirondack History: The Early Years (repeat) [S-19-67]
Course Closed


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