Spring 2019 Course Schedule

Adirondack History: The Early Years [S-19-1]
Course Closed

Age Norms Across Generations [S-19-2]

Andrew Lloyd Webber: The Man and His Music [S-19-3]

Canceled [S-19-4]

Army ROTC—What is it? [S-19-5]

Art for Beginners & Neophytes [S-19-6]

Art of the Ancient World [S-19-7]
Course Closed

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-19-8]

Citizens at the Gates: Twitter, Networked Publics, and the Transformation of American Journalism [S-19-9]

Citizens' Response to Active Shooter Events [S-19-10]

Continuing Tai Chi & Qigong [S-19-11]

Country Schools Revisited [S-19-12]
Course Closed

Current Events [S-19-13]

Digital Photography for Portraits and Landscapes [S-19-14]
Course Closed

Drawing for Everyone [S-19-15]
Course Closed

Dying to Talk [S-19-16]

Ekphrastic Poems [S-19-17]

Elephants and Rhinos [S-19-18]

Extraction of DNA [S-19-19]

Fitness for Optimal Aging - New Participants [S-19-20]
Course Closed

Fitness for Optimal Aging - Refresher Level [S-19-21]

Following My Foremothers: WWII Women Engineers [S-19-22]

Fungi and Trees [S-19-23]
Course Closed

Glaciers and Climate [S-19-24]

Hard Times for Hard Maples [S-19-25]

Health Tips for Seniors: Immunization [S-19-26]

Ho Chi Minh: His Life & Legacy [S-19-27]

Honey Bees for Dummies [S-19-28]
Course Closed

How should we understand metaphors in neuroscience? [S-19-29]

Injury Prevention: Staying Active & Healthy [S-19-30]

Interpreting Bird Language and Behavior [S-19-31]
Course Closed

Introduction to Rock Climbing [S-19-32]

Lais of Marie de France [S-19-33]
Course Closed

Lessons on International Trade and Policy [S-19-34]

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [S-19-35]

Line Dancing for Beginners [S-19-36]

Mah Jongg [S-19-37]

Meditation for Emotional Healing [S-19-38]

Motor Control Theory & Stroke Rehabilitation [S-19-39]

My Experience in Nuclear Energy [S-19-41]

Mysteries of the Round Towers of Ireland [S-19-42]
Course Closed

Natural History of Bears [S-19-43]

Nineteenth Century Prison Reform [S-19-44]

Our Amish Neighbors [S-19-45]
Course Closed

Peek Inside the Songwriting Process [S-19-46]

Rewarding Volunteer Opportunity Available [S-19-47]

Secrets of Good Writing [S-19-48]

Settler Colonialism and Global Justice [S-19-49]

Slavery and Freedom in the Americas [S-19-50]

Stem Cells – The Science and Hope [S-19-51]

Stereotypes [S-19-52]

Summer of '69: Woodstock, Moon Landing & more [S-19-53]

Swirling Flows: More than Just Pretty Patterns in the Water [S-19-54]

Tai Chi: The Short Form [S-19-55]

The Talk Therapy Revolution [S-19-56]

Topics in Diversity [S-19-57]

Umwelt in Newspapers: How we appeal to a divided readership [S-19-58]

Understanding Political Polls: Real or Fake News? [S-19-59]

Vicarious Voyagers XXIV [S-19-60]

Watercolor/Mixed Media Art Workshop: Intermediate Level [S-19-61]
Course Closed

What Did I Miss? [S-19-62]
Course Closed

Why Storytelling Matters for Building Peace [S-19-63]

Wildlife & Roads: How Do We Make Roads Safer for People & Nature? [S-19-64]

Women Representing Women in Politics [S-19-65]

Yoga Nidra [S-19-66]

Adirondack History: The Early Years (repeat) [S-19-67]
Course Closed


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