Slavery and Freedom in the Americas [S-19-50]

Presenter:Evelyn Jennings
Location: TBA
Classes: 2 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Thu 2:30 PM 03/28, 04/04
Status: CLOSED

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This course will comparatively examine slavery in the Americas from the 1500s to the end of the 1800s to address some questions that people often ask about the institution. How did slavery in the Americas become a status almost exclusively of Africans and their descendants? How extensive was the forced migration of Africans to the Americas? Why did slavery dominate in some areas, but not in others? How did the experiences of enslaved people in different settings and types of work compare over time and place? Why did slavery in the Americas end by 1888 when it had existed world-wide for millennia? We will also consider how slavery and the experiences of the enslaved are remembered and commemorated today.

Evelyn Jennings is a professor and Margaret Vilas Chair of Latin American History at St. Lawrence University. Her special areas of focus are colonial Cuba in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and slavery in the Americas.

NOTE: Suggested Web Links:

The Transatlantic Slave Trade Database:

Slavery Images: A Visual Record of the African Slave Trade and Slave Life in the Early African Diaspora:

Some websites on memorials, commemorations, and reckoning with our history of slavery in the US: 


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