Spring 2013 Course Schedule

Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman (Group 1) [S-13-1]
Course Closed

Advanced Contract Bridge [S-13-2]

Alexander Technique [S-13-3]
Course Closed

The Amish [S-13-4]

Art Workshop B [S-13-5]

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners [S-13-6]

Bayside Cemetery: A Tour (Group 1) [S-13-7]

Bayside Cemetery: A Tour (Group 2) [S-13-8]
Course Closed

Beginning Tai-Chi [S-13-9]

Blacksmithing: From Ore to Axe [S-13-10]

Building Better Bones [S-13-11]
Course Closed

Climate Change: Science, Policies, Impacts [S-13-12]

Conflict Resolution in the Courts [S-13-13]

Continuing Tai-Chi [S-13-14]

Creative English Grammar II [S-13-15]

Current Events [S-13-16]

Dancing and Dance [S-13-17]

Eating and Chronic Diseases [S-13-18]

Evolutionary Thought [S-13-19]

Fitness for Seniors [S-13-20]
Course Closed

Flocks, Schools, Swarms [S-13-21]

Frederic Remington and General Miles [S-13-22]
Course Closed

Geology of NY State: Part 3 [S-13-23]

Good Digestive Health [S-13-24]

Grieving Your Property Assessment [S-13-25]

Indoor Rock Climbing [S-13-26]

Invasive Species in the North Country [S-13-27]

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Recent Elections [S-13-28]

Japanese Language: The Meaning behind the Script [S-13-29]

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [S-13-30]

Mah Jongg [S-13-31]

Medical Ethics [S-13-32]
Course Closed

Modern Canada 1867-2000 [S-13-33]

Modern Cinema: The Hero's Journey [S-13-34]

North Country Authors V [S-13-35]

Outbreaks on Social Networks [S-13-36]

The Perfect Square [S-13-37]

Play with Your Food and Learn [S-13-38]

Potsdam: An Architectural History [S-13-39]

Publishing an E-book [S-13-40]

Queen Victoria and Her Descendants [S-13-41]

Quilt Project [S-13-42]
Course Closed

Railroads of the North Country [S-13-43]
Course Closed

Refresh Your Spanish [S-13-44]

Science Fiction Overview and Reading Fahrenheit 451 [S-13-45]

Shakespeare's "The Tempest" on Film [S-13-46]

Spring Constellations [S-13-47]

Studies in the Sonnett [S-13-48]

Tracing Your Colonial American Ancestors [S-13-49]

Tunisian Stitch Afghans [S-13-50]

Understanding Media Power [S-13-51]

Using Avatars in a Virtual World [S-13-52]

Vegetarian Cooking on a Shoestring Budget [S-13-53]
Course Closed

Vicarious Voyagers XII [S-13-54]
Course Closed

Vietnam War Experiences: Sorting Out Myth vs. Reality [S-13-55]

Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman (Group 2) [S-13-56]
Course Closed


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