Fall 2019 Course Schedule

Acrylic Painting for Beginners [F-19-1]

Acupressure Workshop [F-19-2]

Antique Dolls [F-19-3]

Atlantis: Did It Ever Exist, and How Would We Know? [F-19-4]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-19-5]

A Biblical Scholar Looks at the Gospel According to Mark [F-19-6]

Butterfly Gardening: A Case Study [F-19-7]

Cannabis and the Aging Population [F-19-8]

Canton’s Municipal Solar Program [F-19-9]

Chemistry of Taste [F-19-10]

China’s Rise Under Xi Jinping [F-19-11]

Classic Film Noir [F-19-12]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-19-13]

Country Schools Revisited [F-19-14]

Current Events [F-19-15]

A Day at the Canton Fair--1869 [F-19-16]

Drawing for Everyone [F-19-17]

Driver Safety Course from AARP [F-19-18]

Evergreens in the North Country [F-19-19]

Evolving Microbes: Antibiotic Resistance, Virulence, and Public Health [F-19-20]

Food Waste to Energy: How Does That Work? [F-19-21]

Forensic Drug Investigations [F-19-22]
Course Update: There was an error in the location in both the calendar and the blue scheduling handout for course #22 Forensic Drug Investigations. The location is SUNY Canton Miller 212, NOT SLU Miller 212. This course meets on Sept. 30 at 1:00 pm.

Fun with Fermentation! Group A [F-19-23]

Fun with Fermentation! Group B [F-19-24]

Galaxies [F-19-25]

Globalization and the Rise of Extreme Nationalism: Lessons from Sri Lanka [F-19-26]

Gods and Goddesses [F-19-27]

Groups of Symmetries [F-19-28]

History of Fort Presentation and Van Rensselaer Point [F-19-29]

How Does It Work? [F-19-30]

How the Civil War Killed General George Custer [F-19-31]

Insect Vibrational Communication [F-19-32]

Japanese Tea Ceremony [F-19-33]

Kitchen Gardening, Anywhere [F-19-34]

Learning to Play at the Children’s Museum [F-19-35]

Line Dancing for Beginners and Intermediates [F-19-36]

Lizzie Borden is Guilty! You’re on the Jury! [F-19-37]

Mah Jongg [F-19-38]

Martial Arts Traditions, Personal Safety, Self-Defense, and Inner Energy [F-19-39]

Mobility-Based Yoga for Every Body [F-19-40]

Naval Battle of Leyte Gulf, October 1944 [F-19-41]

The Neandertals: Facts, Fiction and Fantasy [F-19-42]

NYS DEC’s Potsdam Sub-Office Division of Lands and Forests [F-19-43]

The Other Beatrix Potter [F-19-44]

Paris and Berlin in the 1920’s [F-19-45]

Print Technology [F-19-46]

The Psychology of Life Stories [F-19-47]

Reducing Unintentional Bias [F-19-48]

Sculpture in Ceramics [F-19-49]

Tai-Chi: The Short Form [F-19-50]

Tax, Estate, Financial Planning for the Elderly. Part 1: Nursing Homes [F-19-51]

Tunes-R-Us [F-19-52]

Vegetarian Cooking Goes Local [F-19-53]

Watercolor, Mixed Media Art Workshop [F-19-54]

What Flies Can Tell You About How You Got Here [F-19-55]

When Men Can Buy Sex [F-19-56]

Wildlife, Three Concerns [F-19-57]


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