Sculpture in Ceramics [F-19-49]

Presenter: Kaitlen Leonard
Location: TBA
Classes: 10 Sessions 2.5 hours
Dates: Fri 10:00 AM 09/13, 09/20, 09/27, 10/04, 10/11, 10/18, 10/25, 11/01, 11/08, 11/15
Status: Course Closed
Course Update: LOCATION: Brainerd - The room is GROUND level (no windows!) It is located just beyond the Art Gallery on the left. Enter the building from the quad, pass by the gallery to find a small alcove with a statue and a staircase. Enter the door there - pass by the Janitor's area, your room is on the left (about a third of the way down)

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This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn basic sculpture techniques in clay. Building techniques include scoring and slipping, slab building, controlling a drying time, firing and glazing.

Kaitlen Leonard has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from SUNY Potsdam, with a year of teaching experience. She excelled at ceramics, though focused in painting for her degree. She has experience with learning and teaching the basics of building 3-dimensional objects across many different mediums, but she believes ceramics to be an excellent introduction to sculpture. This suggested website shows the price of a 50 lb block of clay. One of these blocks will be used for four students. Split this way, they will be able to complete three to four smaller projects each, or two larger scale ceramic projects.

NOTE: There will be a $10 clay deposit from each student, due by the second class. This money will be used to purchase the clay used in this course. The rest of the supplies will be discussed on the first day of class, or via email before the first meeting time.

Cap: 12

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