Spring 2020 Course Schedule

AARP: More Far Ranging Than I Ever Imagined [S-20-1]
Course Closed

Acrylic Painting for Beginners [S-20-2]

Addressing the Issues of the Nursing Shortage [S-20-3]

An Alaskan Indigenous Village on the Frontlines of Climate Change [S-20-4]
Course Closed

Animal Metamorphosis: A Larval to Juvenile Transition [S-20-5]

Archaeology at Camp Union: Potsdam’s Civil War Training Ground [S-20-6]

Assessing Indoor Air Quality [S-20-7]

Backcountry Campsite Monitoring Around Cranberry Lake [S-20-8]

Basic Barn Quilting [S-20-9]
Course Cancelled

Basket Weaving - Group A [S-20-10]
Course Closed

Basket Weaving - Group B [S-20-11]
Course Closed

Battery Energy Storage for NY Municipal Electric Depts [S-20-12]

Birding & Citizen Science [S-20-13]

Canine Body Language [S-20-14]
Course Closed

Chronic Pain Self-Management 101 [S-20-15]
Course Closed

Climate Change: Facts and Actions [S-20-16]

Current Events [S-20-17]

Defining Successful Aging: Elusive or Illusive? [S-20-18]

Drawing for Everyone [S-20-19]
Course Closed

Ecological Gardening [S-20-20]
Course Closed

Energy Course [S-20-21]

Faith and Reason in the 21st Century [S-20-22]
Course Closed

Fluorescence to Rock Your World [S-20-23]

Hearing Instruments for Age Related Hearing Problems [S-20-24]
Course Closed

Honoring Our Descendants [S-20-25]

How Math Can Be Used to Understand Cancer and Its Treatment [S-20-26]

Introduction to Coin Collecting [S-20-27]
Course Closed

Invasive Plant Research in St. Lawrence County [S-20-28]

Korean Drumming [S-20-29]
Course Closed

Kubrick [S-20-30]
Course Cancelled

Lincoln's True Love [S-20-31]
Course Closed

Line Dancing for Beginners and Intermediates [S-20-32]
Course Closed

Mah Jongg [S-20-33]
Course Closed

Marsupial Mammals of the World [S-20-34]

More Elephants and Rhinos Too [S-20-35]

Murderers, Thieves, and Rapists: The Biology of Deviant Behaviors in Nature [S-20-36]

Native Peoples of North America [S-20-37]

North America on Ice - Understanding Glaciers [S-20-38]

Nuclear Submarines - My Life Underwater [S-20-39]

Overview of Substance Use Disorder [S-20-40]

Poems of Billy Collins, through 1989 [S-20-41]
Course Closed

Sculpture in Ceramics [S-20-42]

Secret Lives of Turtles [S-20-43]

CANCELLED - Secrets of Good Writing [S-20-44]

Senior Fitness [S-20-45]
Course Closed

Small Wind Turbines: the Basics to the Latest [S-20-46]

Stumped by Salamanders [S-20-47]

Tai Chi and Qigong Beginning [S-20-48]

Tai Chi and Qigong Continuing [S-20-49]

Tai Chi, the Short Form [S-20-50]

Troopship Memories: A Citizen Soldier in the Cold War [S-20-51]

Watercolor/Mixed Media Art Workshop [S-20-52]
Course Closed

What Is Love? [S-20-53]

When Conservation Meets Engineering: Predicting Damaging Effects of Vibrations on Pastel Paintings [S-20-54]

Why People Falsely Confess to Crimes [S-20-55]

Women's Place [S-20-56]

World of Robots and Artificial Intelligence [S-20-57]

Young Adult (YA) Literature for Old(er) Adults [S-20-58]

Canine Body Language (repeat) [S-20-59]


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