Birding & Citizen Science [S-20-13]

Presenter:Nick Hamilton-Honey
Location: Cornell Cooperative Extension Farm
Classes: 3 Sessions 2.5 hours
Dates: Fri 9:00 AM 04/24, 05/01, 10:00 AM 05/08

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Using Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s eBird and Merlin applications to identify birds and track bird sightings, our observations will contribute to worldwide data for birding, science, and conservation. 

Session 1: 2.5 hours. We will learn how to properly use binoculars, create an account in eBird, identify birds by group, and use Merlin to assist in individual bird identification. Location: Cornell Cooperative Extension Learning Farm.

Session 2: 1.5 hours. We will use an established bird feeder to learn how to identify and count birds at a feeder. Location: TBD.

Session 3: 1.5 hours. Groups will be split up with experienced birders, and walk a trail at Indian Creek Nature Center. Afterwards, we will come back together to talk about what we saw.

Nick Hamilton-Honey has been a lover of nature and the out-of-doors since just after birth. Nick's family would spend weeks during the summer at the South Jersey shore and they would grow-up hiking and biking in South Central Pennsylvania. Nick received a Bachelor’s of Science from Pennsylvania State University in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and a Master’s of Science from the University of Michigan in Human Dimensions of Environmental Stewardship (i.e. why you should care for Mother Earth). They have been teaching environmental education or sustainable energy education for over two decades and look forward to many more decades of showing/sharing knowledge and excitement about nature whether in a schoolyard, backyard, or forest.

NOTES: 1) Sessions inside and outside each day, dress accordingly. 2) Download “the Merlin” app. on your cell phone, ahead of time, if you can, 3) Bring a small pocket-sized notebook to take notes, and binoculars if you can, otherwise share.

Suggested web links:


Merlin Android or iPhone:

All About Birds:

Cap: 30

Special Instructions:

Needed for participants:  Binoculars (presenter will have a few exra pairs to borrow.); cell phone with internet ability; already downloading the Merlin app. prior to session one is preferred; small notebook/memobook for documenting bird species (I find it helpful if it is pocket sized.); bird field guide (This is optional since we will be using Merlin, but it is nice to have as a reference.); sessions will be both inside and outside, please dress accordingly.  Suggested web links, eBird:

Merlin Android or iPhone:

All About Birds:

Cap: 30

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