Chronic Pain Self-Management 101 [S-20-15]

Presenter:Leslie Russek
Location: Clarkson University: Clarkson Hall 2016, Therapy Department
Classes: 4 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Wed 10:00 AM 03/18, 03/25, 04/01, 04/08

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Chronic pain affects millions of people. Self-management is an essential part of pain management whatever the source of your pain may be. This series of workshops will introduce participants to the current understanding of what causes and perpetuates chronic pain, what you can do to minimize pain, and what you can do to live to the fullest life in spite of pain. The workshops will introduce physical, cognitive behavioral, and mind-body approaches to managing pain.

Dr. Russek is a Professor Emeritus of Physical Therapy at Clarkson University and an active physical therapist at Canton-Potsdam Hospital. She has treated patients and studied chronic pain for 29 years. She has published journal articles and a textbook chapter on chronic pain used by many PT graduate programs. Dr. Russek runs a support group that welcomes people with any form of chronic pain.

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