Spring 2015 Course Schedule

Aerial Drone Photography [S-15-1]

All of You, from Just one Cell? [S-15-2]

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners [S-15-3]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-15-4]

Behaviorology: The Natural Science of Why Human Behavior Happens [S-15-5]

Big Data: What's the Big Deal about It? [S-15-6]

Art Workshop [S-15-6]

The Biology of Bats and Birds [S-15-7]

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery [S-15-8]

Bridge for Fun: Intermediate Level [S-15-9]

Bubonic Plague, Syphilis, and Lyme Disease [S-15-10]

Building Better Bones: Levels 1 & 2 - Group A [S-15-11]

Building Better Bones: Levels 1 & 2 - Group B [S-15-12]

Cave to Concert Hall: The History of the Horn [S-15-13]

Children's Literature: An Overview [S-15-14]

China and the West [S-15-15]

Coffee: Friend or Foe? [S-15-16]

Computing the Value of a Human Life [S-15-17]

Concert Music: What's REALLY Going On [S-15-18]

Conflicting Narratives in Northern Ireland [S-15-19]

Contaminants in Great Lakes Fish: Sources and Trends [S-15-20]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-15-21]

Crafting with Pressed Flowers and Fall Leaves (Group A) [S-15-22]

Crafting with Pressed Flowers and Fall Leaves (Group B) [S-15-23]

Creating a Butterfly Garden [S-15-24]

Creative English Grammar III [S-15-25]

Current Events [S-15-26]

FDR in the North Country [S-15-27]

Freemasonry [S-15-28]

Fuel from the Sun: Solar Energy Conversion [S-15-29]

Global Air Pollution [S-15-30]

Hands-on Kitchen Chemistry Experiments [S-15-31]

Herbs for Health and Healing [S-15-32]

Inner Peace [S-15-33]

Jane Austen and Emma [S-15-34]

Land Stewardship and Conservation Easements [S-15-35]

Lincoln's Funeral [S-15-36]

Line Dancing for Beginners [S-15-37]

Living Off the Land in Newfoundland [S-15-38]

Lost Railroads of the Adirondacks [S-15-39]

Mah Jongg [S-15-40]

Microsoft Word 2010 Basics - Group A [S-15-41]

Microsoft Word 2010 Basics - Group B [S-15-42]

Modern Cosmology: An Overview [S-15-43]

The Neurobiology of Pain [S-15-44]

Old Testament Alignment with God: Causes and Consequences [S-15-45]

Photograms: Cameraless Photography [S-15-46]

Plants of St. Lawrence County [S-15-47]

Ray Bradbury: Genius of the Short Story Form [S-15-48]

Screenings, Consults and Tests, Oh My! [S-15-49]

Sharing Card Games [S-15-50]

The Shock of the Great War [S-15-51]

Socrates and the Examined Life [S-15-52]

Songs and Sonnets [S-15-53]

Stress and Anxiety Reduction [S-15-54]

Symmetry and Crystals and the Uses of "Useless Math" [S-15-55]

Techniques of Fiction [S-15-56]

Ten Courageous Women of the North Country [S-15-57]

To Kill a Mockingbird [S-15-58]

Unearthing the Raquette's Ancient Past [S-15-59]

US-Israeli Relations in the 21st Century [S-15-60]

Vicarious Voyagers XVI [S-15-61]

Writing Children's Literature [S-15-62]


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