Screenings, Consults and Tests, Oh My! [S-15-49]

Presenter:Deborah Chase Lauther, Sebastian Mazzotta, Vel Matthews-Smith, Frederic Seifer, Richard Wessel, Sheryl Movsas
Location: Canton-Potsdam Hospital Campus: 20 Cottage St. Conference Room 205
Classes: 5 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Wed 12:00 PM 03/25, 04/01, 04/08, 04/15, 04/22
Status: CLOSEDCourse Update: Another print calendar correction: the correct street name for the location of the "Screenings..." course is "Cottage St." and not "College St." - first class is on 3/25.

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These five presentations by Canton-Potsdam Hospital physicians will give you tools to understand health conditions that, now or later, may affect you or someone you know. Cap: 25

The presentations will be in this order:

  • Day 1) Dr. Sebastian Mazzotta, MD, Gastroenterologist - "Old and New GI Issues; History, Myth, and Mystery"
  • Day 2) Dr. Frederic Seifer, MD, Pulmonologist - "What’s All the Buzz about Population Health?"
  • Day 3) Dr. Vel Matthews-Smith, MD, Oncologist - "Screenings and the Importance of Early Detection"
  • Day 4) Dr. Richard Wessel, MD, Cardiologist - "Getting to the Heart of the Matter for Seniors"
  • Day 5) Dr. Sheryl Movsas, MD, Physiatrist "Gait, Balance and Fall Prevention"

NOTE: A light lunch will be provided at each session.

LINK: - Link to Canton-Potsdam Hospital

Deborah Lauther is the Social Media and Community Events Coordinator for Canton Potsdam Hospital (CPH). She has put together a diverse range of health topics for us.

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