Ten Courageous Women of the North Country [S-15-57]

Presenter: Linda Casserly
Location: First Presbyterian Church of Canton
Classes: 1 Session 2.0 hours
Dates: Wed 1:30 PM 03/18
Status: CLOSEDCourse Update: Want to know where you can park "free" to attend "Ten Courageous Women..."? View the SOAR location "First Presbyterian Church of Canton" (Click on "LOCATIONS" tab above)

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Ten local women, including an SLU student, will tell the stories of ten unknown women from the North Country who rose to prominence in their fields. These unknown women were all born in small towns throughout the local area and the Adirondacks. A few were involved in the suffrage movement or politics. One was a writer, another worked in the medical profession. And there was a minister, and teachers, and one who went on a music mission to local schools and colleges. Their stories are so interesting! You can only admire the achievements of these remarkable young women who made lasting contributions to our local communities throughout their lives.

Linda Casserly became the Canton Historian in 1995, after she retired from 20 years of serving as the deputy clerk and tax collector. She now works with local seniors and students who are gathering material for a book about WWII featuring actual accounts from those remaining veterans who are willing to share stories of their lives and their war experiences.

NOTE: Suggested suffrage movie to watch: "Iron Jawed Angels."

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