First Presbyterian Church of Canton

17 Park St.
Canton, NY 13617
Phone: (315) 386-2570

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DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: First Presebyterian Church of Canton, is one of the older churches in the center of town. It is located in downtown Canton, just off of Main Street (just beyond the far side of the park). On the opposite side of Main Street sits the Silas Wright House and the Unitarian Church.  Coming from Potsdam on Hwy 11, the Church will be on the left, and as you reach the first park corner, if you turn left, then right to be on the one-block roadway in front of the church, you will have found the closest free parking (see below for parking details). Once parked, make you way to the doors  that connect the old church part of the church to the new section. Enter there. The Community Room is at the top of the half flight of stairs on the right.

PARKING:  The Church owns "Park Place," the one-block street in front of the church. On the day of this class/event, the road will become ONE-WAY (ONE-WAY signs will be posted at both ends) - entrance will be on the east end (i.e. coming from Potsdam, you will want to turn at the first corner of the park (as if to head to the NBT Bank) and then turn right onto "Park Place" in front of the church. You can park BOTH on the left side and on the right side of this road the day of this presentation, but NOT IN THE MIDDLE! Please DRIVE FORWARD AS FAR AS YOU CAN TOWARDS PARK STREET ON THIS ROADWAY - BUT REMEMBER, HANDICAP PARKING IS STILL FOR HANDICAPPED PEOPLE! 
   Once the roadway is parked full, you can ample free parking in the huge lot behind the Main St. Buildings (Post Office, Theater, Jrecks, Community Bank, McDonalds, etc..) There is a narrow, one-way entrance to this parking lot off of Park St. - between the post office and the library.  There are a couple of easy entrances at the other end of this lot, just off of Minor St. (the street between the Town Hall and "Nice N Easy" gas station).
    Additionally there is some free parking along Main St.: in front of the UU chuch and further east, and on the opposite side of Main St. along the park (nearer the Potsdam end of that block that forms the Main St. side).
    There are also some free parking spots" behind the church, if there is not a funeral that day (park only in the row close to the church building. Coming from SLU, there is also some free parking along Park Street, up to the corner of Park Place (NOTE: there is only metered parking along Park Street, from Park Place to Main Steet.)

ACCESSIBILITY: The church is handicap accesible. There is a chair lift going up to the Community Room.

RESTROOMS: There is a women's rest room at the landing to the Community Room. A unisex restroom can be found in the basement area below.


FURNISHINGS: folding-chairs

ROOM CAPACITY: several hundred

OFFICE HOURS: 11:00am-4:00pm, Tuesdays/Thursdays

NOTE: Enlarge the Google map below to see buliding names, road names and other details.

The Church is located on the far side of the park in the very center of town.

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