Spring 2022 Course Schedule

Introduction to Zoom 1 - One on One [S-22-1]

Bay Of Pigs Child [S-22-2]

Beginning Tai Chi and Qigong [S-22-3]
Course Closed

Continuing Tai Chi and Qigong [S-22-4]

Stretching for Couch Potatoes [S-22-5]

Stretching on a Mat [S-22-6]

Brief History of Akwesasne [S-22-7]
Course Closed

Current Advances in Prosthetic Limb Development [S-22-8]

Drinking Water Treatment [S-22-9]
Course Cancelled

Emerging Learning Technologies [S-22-10]
Course Closed

Exploring Carrots: Harness the Flavor! [S-22-11]

The Fiction of Colson Whitehead [S-22-12]

Firefighter Exoskeleton Suits [S-22-13]
Course Cancelled

Lighten Up: Understanding the Legalization of Cannabis for the New York Consumer [S-22-14]

Memory Lane [S-22-15]

Mysterious, Tranquil and Ancient: Fishless bog lakes of the Adirondacks [S-22-16]
Course Closed

Polystyrene Pollution [S-22-17]

Postwar German Cinema [S-22-18]
Course Cancelled

Seeing the Invisible: A Closer Look at Gender Bias [S-22-19]

Stem Cells: A Historical Perspective and Future in Healthcare [S-22-20]

Tang Dynasty Tales [S-22-21]

The Clinical Relevance of Opioid Pharmacology [S-22-22]

Using Mathematics to Understand Invasive Species Growth, Spread, and Control [S-22-23]

Vegetable Gardening Basics Part I and II [S-22-24]

Advanced Gardening Topics Part I and II [S-22-25]

Wearable Sensors for Healthcare [S-22-26]

Who Really Wrote Shakespeare? The Holy Trinity Decryption [S-22-27]

Zooming to a Good Night's Sleep [S-22-28]

Brief History of Akwesasne (Repeat of #7) [S-22-29]
Course Closed

Memory Lane (Repeat of #15) [S-22-30]

Emerging Learning Technologies (Repeat of #10) [S-22-31]

Mysterious, Tranquil and Ancient: Fishless bog lakes of the Adirondacks (Repeat of #16) [S-22-32]


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