Mysterious, Tranquil and Ancient: Fishless bog lakes of the Adirondacks (repeat of #16) [S-22-32]

Presenter: Brad Baldwin
Location: SLU: Johnson 112
Classes: 1 Session 1.5 hours
Dates: Thu 10:00 AM 04/07

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This course is a repeat of Course #16.  Do not register for it if you are registered for #16.

Can these small, beautiful and weird lakes be windows to the past, showing us what primordial lakes were like before the evolution of fish? Bogs dot the Adirondack park and are fun, squishy places in which you can explore unusual vegetation (sphagnum moss, pitcher plants, sundew). And if that wasn't entertaining enough, small lakes within many bogs defy textbook explanations of the "normal" ecology of neighboring lakes we commonly paddle and explore. Lakes without fish? Lakes with plentiful creatures that tolerate high acidity? Critters that seem to "suntan" during the year? What's going on here?? Come find out!

Cap: 20

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