Spring 2023 Course Schedule

1968: Youth and Revolution [S-23-1]
Course Cancelled

Acid Neutralizing Technology: An Entrepreneurial Student Business Idea Achieved Using Professorial Expertise [S-23-2]

Albert P. Crary: Polar Geologist and First Person to the North and South Poles [S-23-3]

Art of Printmaking: Monotype [S-23-4]

Asteroids: Stepping Stones to the Future of Space Exploration [S-23-5]

Be on the Jury: The Trial of Jeffery MacDonald [S-23-6]

Biological Control of an Invasive Plant: What's Going On? [S-23-7]

Book Club Discussion: Nomad Century, How Climate Migration Will Reshape Our World [S-23-8]

Canine Body Language [S-23-9]

Civil War Medicine that was Used on the Battlefield [S-23-10]

Driver Safety [S-23-11]

Energy Efficiency, Conservation, & Saving $ in Your Home [S-23-12]

Esports 101 [S-23-13]
Course Cancelled

The Fine Minerals of St. Lawrence County, New York [S-23-14]
Course Closed

The Impact of Climate Change on Aquatic Communities [S-23-15]

Its Okay...Scream in the Shower! [S-23-17]

Learn to Fitness [S-23-18]

Learning from Apollo 9 for Artemis and Beyond [S-23-19]

Lighthouses of New York State [S-23-20]
Course Closed

Mah Jongg for Beginners [S-23-21]

Mixed Media Art [S-23-22]

My Unorthodox Road to Ice Capades [S-23-23]

Nature Tech: Using Apps to Help Nature ID [S-23-24]
Course Closed

New York, New York: How to get there, How to get around, Where to go, What to do & How to do it [S-23-25]

North Country Caterpillars and Their Butterflies (or Moths) [S-23-26]

Poems of Billy Collins (through 1998) [S-23-27]

The Racquette River: 1950's Hydro Development [S-23-28]

The Racquette River: A Log Highway [S-23-29]
Course Closed

Researching the Abolitionist Movement & the UGRR in SLC [S-23-30]

Road Maps for the Journeys End [S-23-31]

Spring Wildflowers at Indian Creek Nature Center [S-23-32]

Stem Cells in the Media [S-23-33]

Stretching for Couch Potatoes [S-23-34]

Tai Chi Beginning [S-23-35]

Tai Chi Continuing [S-23-36]

Think You Know a Lot about Chocolate? [S-23-37]

Tiffany Windows, Trinity Episcopal Church [S-23-38]

Turtles of the North Country [S-23-39]

Vegetarian Comfort Food: Section 1 [S-23-40]
Course Closed

Vegetarian Comfort Food: Section 2 [S-23-41]
Course Cancelled

Water Safety [S-23-42]
Course Cancelled

Watercolor Workshop [S-23-43]

What is F-stop Anyway? [S-23-44]

Wildlife and Roads [S-23-45]

Learn to Fitness--Section 2 [S-23-46]


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