Spring 2018 Course Schedule

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group A) [S-18-1]

AARP Smart Driver Course (Group B) [S-18-2]

Allegories and Animal Farm [S-18-3]

American Predators: Wolves, Coy Wolves, Cougars and Jaguars [S-18-4]
Course Closed

Anchorage to Nome by Dog Sled [S-18-5]
Course Closed

Art for Beginners [S-18-6]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-18-7]

Birds of Northern New York [S-18-8]
Course Closed

Bringing Nature Home - This Spring! [S-18-9]

Canada in World War II [S-18-10]

Cards By You (Group A) [S-18-11]

Cards By You (Group A and B) [S-18-12]

Celebrating the Centenary of Flu Vaccine [S-18-13]

Chemistry for Survival and National Security [S-18-14]

Collecting Adirondack Rare Books [S-18-15]
Course Closed

Comic Book Writer and Illustrator: Sam Glanzman [S-18-16]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [S-18-17]

Creating a Net-Zero Solar Home [S-18-18]

Culinary Chemistry: Basic Concepts to Make You a Better Cook? [S-18-19]

Current Events [S-18-20]

Decluttering Tune-Up [S-18-21]

Defining Successful Aging: An Elusive Concept [S-18-22]

Double Crosser: My Life on the Run [S-18-23]

Drawing for Everyone [S-18-24]

Duplicate Bridge For Fun: Intermediate Level [S-18-25]

Exploring Our National Parks – Cave Resources [S-18-26]

Fitness for Optimal Aging [S-18-27]
Course Closed

Folk Songs [S-18-28]

Getting The Blues: Understanding Southern Culture via Delta Blues Music [S-18-29]

Great Year for Mars! [S-18-30]

Herkimer Diamonds, Everywhere! [S-18-31]

Let’s Make Sauerkraut and Kimchi! [S-18-32]
Course Closed

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Part 2) [S-18-33]

Line Dancing for Beginners [S-18-34]

Mah Jongg [S-18-35]

Manners Matter [S-18-36]
Course Closed

Modeling and Simulation with Computers [S-18-37]

Moon, Mars and More [S-18-38]

Mountain Biking For Seniors [S-18-39]
Course Closed

Musical Petting Zoo [S-18-40]

Native Peoples of Northern America: the Haudenosaunee of New York [S-18-41]
Course Closed

North Country Authors VII [S-18-42]

Punch Drunk and Dementia: A Modern History of Concussion, 1870-2012 [S-18-43]

Red Sandstone Trail at Hannawa Falls [S-18-44]
Course Closed

Red Sandstone Trail at Sugar Island [S-18-45]
Course Closed

Stress Reduction [S-18-46]

Tai-Chi - Short Form [S-18-47]

TAUNY's North Country Folk Instrument Project [S-18-48]

Unlocking the Secrets of Stonehenge [S-18-49]
Course Closed

Vicarious Voyagers XXII [S-18-50]

Watercolor/Mixed Media Art Workshop: Intermediate Level [S-18-51]

Weaving Healing Wisdom [S-18-52]

What Makes a Memory? [S-18-53]
Course Closed

What the Heck is Reiki? [S-18-54]

World War II - Homefront Memories [S-18-55]

You Too Can Play the Harmonica [S-18-56]

YOUR Favorite Poems [S-18-57]


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