North Country Authors VII [S-18-42]

Presenter: Jim Barry, Peggy Mooers, Margaret (Maggie) Hockett, Barry Strate
Location: SLCHA: Silas Wright House: County Gallery
Classes: 3 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Wed 10:00 AM 04/18, 04/25, 05/02
Status: CLOSED

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This course offers participants a potpourri of local writing talent. Each week a different author will speak about her/his literary works. The authors will talk about the writing process and/or their experiences in publishing and marketing as well as comment on, and read passages from, their books. (Books will be on sale; and there will be a drawing for a free book.)

Coordinator Jim Barry has written over 200 vignettes. In spring 2006, Jim received the “SuperSOARer” award. He continues to serve as a board member and as a co-chair of the Curriculum Committee.

The presentations are in this order:

Day 1: Barry Strate – “Finding Freedom,” “The Emancipation of Brandy,” and “A Cause for a Hero.” This is a talk about these books and the opportunity Amazon gives to indie authors for getting their work in print and on e-readers. Barry was born, raised and still lives in the North Country. He has a degree in music from Crane, and he plays keyboards in a rock band. He is a constant reader with interests in many different genres and authors.

Day 2: Margaret Hockett, (her pen name: Maggie Noble) – “In Suspense! Why Readers Keep Reading?” This presentation is about conflict and suspense and how they engage readers. We will explore examples and exercises to increase tension in fiction or nonfiction. Margaret has written fiction -- "Taking Hart," and "Taking the Gold," and a nonfiction book about the War of 1812 (i.e. she has published commercially and also in the self-publishing field).

Day 3: Peggy Mooers, (her pen name: Marguerite Mooers) – “Let’s Talk about Books.” In this presentation, Peggy will talk about where her ideas come from, her murder mystery plotting style, etc., and she will answer your questions. Peggy is the author of four books: “Take My Hand,” “The Shelter of Darkness,” “A Casualty of Hope,” and (coming out this spring) “The Girl in the Woods.”

Cap: 40

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