Celebrating the Centenary of Flu Vaccine [S-18-13]

Presenter:Deborah Chase Lauther, Daniel Soule, Ryan Titus, Kim Weir
Location: Canton-Potsdam Hospital: Conference Room A and B
Classes: 3 Sessions 1.0 hours
Dates: Fri 12:00 PM 03/30, 04/06, 04/13
Status: CLOSED

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These three classes will introduce you to the background and history of the flu vaccine as it pertains to clinical trials. Each presenter has a unique perspective to share with you on this topic:

(March 30): Dr. Daniel Soule, Infection Specialist – “100 years of Influenza Vaccine: Influenza, Pandemics, and the Pursuit of a Universal Flu Vaccine.”

(April 6): Ryan Titus, Clinical Pharmacist – “A Pharmaceutical History of the Flu Vaccine and its Clinical Trials.”

(April 13): Kim Weir, RN – “Today’s Flu Shot. Why Is It Recommended? How Does It Work Best? And Will You Get Sick Anyway?”

NOTE: A light lunch is provided - come 20 minutes early; the talks start at noon.

Cap: 25

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