Fall 2023 Course Schedule

Aaron Burr: Patriot or Traitor? [F-23-1]

Active Shooter Response [F-23-2]
Course Cancelled

The Art of Skating [F-23-3]

Basics of Canine Nutrition [F-23-4]

The Beauty and Culture of Japan [F-23-5]

Behavior and Ecology of North Country Birds [F-23-6]
Course Closed

The Big Cats: Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Leopards [F-23-7]

A Biocultural Exploration of Incest and Inbreeding [F-23-8]

Biomedical Applications of Mass Spectrometry [F-23-9]

Chemistry: Rates and Reactions [F-23-10]
Course Update: Course #10 will be held in Johnson 303 on the SLU campus on Friday, November 3, at 3:30 pm.

Current Events [F-23-11]

Driver Safety by AARP [F-23-12]

Eating for Maximum Nutrition [F-23-13]

Electric Cars: Where are We Now and Where are We Heading? [F-23-14]
Course Closed

The Electric Life: the Energy Transition in Action [F-23-15]
Course Closed

Entropy [F-23-16]

Excavating a Late Roman City in North Macedonia [F-23-17]
Course Update: Course #17 is no longer closed, so please register for it if you wish to. The location has been changed to Brainerd 202 (from Brainerd 215). It will still be held on Tuesday, Sept 26, at 4 pm.

Fauna of Vernal Pools [F-23-18]

Following My Foremothers: Women Engineers During WWII [F-23-19]

Gems from the Beatles Songbook [F-23-20]
Course Closed
Course Update: The dates for course #20 have been changed to September 20, October 4, and October 11. The time and location were not changed: 12 noon, Maxcy 104 on the SUNY Potsdam campus.

Gender Diversity: What Is It? Why is it Currently a Hot Topic? [F-23-21]
Course Closed

Genocides (Other Than the Holocaust) [F-23-22]
Course Update: Course #22 will be held in Carnegie 212 on the SLU campus on Fridays, October 6, 13, 30, 27, at 3 pm.

Growing Dahlias in the North Country [F-23-23]

History and Hydropower on the Racquette [F-23-24]

Intro to the Fitness Center [F-23-25]
Course Closed

Introduction to Pickleball [F-23-26]
Course Closed

James Joyce's Ulysses: Controversies and Conundrums [F-23-27]

Korean Drumming [F-23-28]

Landscapes of the North Country [F-23-29]

Mah Jongg for All [F-23-30]
Course Closed

Medicare A, B, C, & D's: What Everyone Needs to Know [F-23-31]

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit [F-23-32]

Native Peoples of North America [F-23-33]
Course Closed

Our Amish Neighbors [F-23-34]
Course Closed

Park Talk [F-23-35]

Preserving Apples [F-23-36]

The Revolutionary War at Fort Oswegatchie [F-23-37]

The Romance of Musical Prague [F-23-38]

Scar Stories [F-23-39]
Course Cancelled

Science, Music, and the Human Condition [F-23-40]
Course Closed

Slavery & Freedom in the Americas [F-23-41]
Course Closed

Stretching for Couch Potatoes [F-23-42]

Sustainable Food Packaging [F-23-43]

Tai Chi Beginning [F-23-44]

Tai Chi Continuing [F-23-45]

Tending Your Inner Landscape [F-23-46]
Course Closed

Trees and Shrubs of the North Country [F-23-47]

A Trip to St. Peter's Without the Jet Lag [F-23-48]

Virtual Reality Tourism [F-23-49]
Course Closed
Course Update: Course has been moved to the Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) in the Barrington Student Union (no longer at Satterlee 312).

Watercolor Workshop [F-23-50]
Course Closed

World Peace Is Possible [F-23-51]

Virtual Reality Tourism - Repeat of Course #49 [F-23-52]
Course Closed


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