Fall 2023 Course Schedule

Aaron Burr: Patriot or Traitor? [F-23-1]

Active Shooter Response [F-23-2]
Course Cancelled

The Art of Skating [F-23-3]

Basics of Canine Nutrition [F-23-4]

The Beauty and Culture of Japan [F-23-5]

Behavior and Ecology of North Country Birds [F-23-6]
Course Closed

The Big Cats: Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs and Leopards [F-23-7]

A Biocultural Exploration of Incest and Inbreeding [F-23-8]

Biomedical Applications of Mass Spectrometry [F-23-9]

Chemistry: Rates and Reactions [F-23-10]

Current Events [F-23-11]

Driver Safety by AARP [F-23-12]

Eating for Maximum Nutrition [F-23-13]

Electric Cars: Where are We Now and Where are We Heading? [F-23-14]
Course Closed

The Electric Life: the Energy Transition in Action [F-23-15]
Course Closed

Entropy [F-23-16]

Excavating a Late Roman City in North Macedonia [F-23-17]

Fauna of Vernal Pools [F-23-18]

Following My Foremothers: Women Engineers During WWII [F-23-19]

Gems from the Beatles Songbook [F-23-20]
Course Closed

Gender Diversity: What Is It? Why is it Currently a Hot Topic? [F-23-21]
Course Closed

Genocides (Other Than the Holocaust) [F-23-22]

Growing Dahlias in the North Country [F-23-23]

History and Hydropower on the Racquette [F-23-24]

Intro to the Fitness Center [F-23-25]
Course Closed

Introduction to Pickleball [F-23-26]
Course Closed

James Joyce's Ulysses: Controversies and Conundrums [F-23-27]

Korean Drumming [F-23-28]

Landscapes of the North Country [F-23-29]

Mah Jongg for All [F-23-30]
Course Closed

Medicare A, B, C, & D's: What Everyone Needs to Know [F-23-31]

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit [F-23-32]

Native Peoples of North America [F-23-33]
Course Closed

Our Amish Neighbors [F-23-34]
Course Closed

Park Talk [F-23-35]

Preserving Apples [F-23-36]

The Revolutionary War at Fort Oswegatchie [F-23-37]

The Romance of Musical Prague [F-23-38]

Scar Stories [F-23-39]
Course Cancelled

Science, Music, and the Human Condition [F-23-40]
Course Closed

Slavery & Freedom in the Americas [F-23-41]
Course Closed

Stretching for Couch Potatoes [F-23-42]

Sustainable Food Packaging [F-23-43]

Tai Chi Beginning [F-23-44]

Tai Chi Continuing [F-23-45]

Tending Your Inner Landscape [F-23-46]

Trees and Shrubs of the North Country [F-23-47]

A Trip to St. Peter's Without the Jet Lag [F-23-48]

Virtual Reality Tourism [F-23-49]
Course Closed

Watercolor Workshop [F-23-50]
Course Closed

World Peace Is Possible [F-23-51]

Virtual Reality Tourism - Repeat of Course #49 [F-23-52]
Course Closed


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