Basics of Canine Nutrition [F-23-4]

Presenter:Kris Hoffmann
Location: SLU: Valentine 117
Classes: 3 Sessions 2.0 hours
Dates: Mon 4:30 PM 09/18, 09/25, 10/02

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In this course we'll discuss what nutrients your dog needs and why, common misconceptions, the history and buzz-words of the pet food industry, how to read the back of the bag, and how to make your own crock-pot dog food. You'll learn ways to increase the quality of your dog's food, decrease the risks of illnesses, make a stinky dog smell better, and have more years with your best friend. A live dog will be present during this class.

Dr. Kristine Hoffmann is an ecologist from St. Lawrence University who specializes in reptile and amphibian ecology and in the use of conservation detection dogs. She teaches Biology of Dogs for non-science majors, trains emotional support dogs living on campus, competes in canine agility, and has visited nursing homes with a certified therapy dog. Her detector dog, K9 Newt, has worked with undergraduate handlers in three states to find endangered toads and turtles.

Cap: 40

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