Fall 2017 Course Schedule

AARP Smart Driver Course [F-17-1]
Course Closed

Adirondack Archaeology [F-17-2]
Course Closed

Adirondack Literature [F-17-3]
Course Closed

Advanced Porous Materials on the Way to Stopping Global Warming [F-17-4]

Analyzing Mutual Funds with Various Target Dates for Retirees [F-17-5]

Art for Beginners [F-17-6]

Ballroom Dancing for Beginners [F-17-7]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-17-8]

Bomb Threats, Terrorism and More: A View from a First Responder [F-17-9]

Building Better Bones [F-17-10]

Cemetery Memorial Cleaning [F-17-12]
Course Closed

The Changing Media Landscape: Locally and Nationwide [F-17-13]

Chemistry and the Environment (Part 2) [F-17-14]

Climate Change [F-17-15]

Construction of "MaryGwyneth Fine Wearable Art" [F-17-16]

Construction of a Mortared Straw Bale House [F-17-17]

Continuing Meditation [F-17-18]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-17-19]

Creating Clean Air at Home [F-17-20]

Creating Legacy Letters [F-17-21]

Current Events [F-17-22]

Dams of the Raquette River [F-17-23]
Course Closed

Drawing with Graphite [F-17-24]
Course Closed

Duplicate Bridge for Fun: Interediate Level [F-17-25]

Edgar Cayce Exercises [F-17-26]
Course Closed

Environmtal Activism at SUNY Canton [F-17-27]

Green Buildings 101 [F-17-28]

Healthcare Serial Killers [F-17-29]

How Did the Artist Do That? [F-17-30]

How Immune Cells Work to Protect Us [F-17-31]
Course Closed

How We Are Taxing Our Grandchildren [F-17-32]

Insect Ecology [F-17-33]

An Introduction to Knots [F-17-34]

Introduction to the Accuquilter [F-17-35]

Lewis and Clark Expedition (Part 1) [F-17-36]
Course Closed

Life on the Tilted Teacup Ride [F-17-37]
Course Closed

Lifelines: Writing Your Way In [F-17-38]

Line Dancing for Beginners [F-17-39]

"Lou Gehrig's Disease": Intro, Research, Care [F-17-40]

Macbeth: On the Page and On the Stage [F-17-41]

Mah Jongg [F-17-42]
Course Closed

Minerals of the Grenville Province [F-17-43]

Modern Day Dinosaurs: Explore the Biology of Birds and Reptiles [F-17-44]

Monsters, Menace, and Mystery: 1950's-60's Atlas/Marvel Comic Books [F-17-45]

Neanderthals and the Origins of Modern Humans [F-17-46]

Positive Psychology for Seniors [F-17-47]

Probability in the News [F-17-48]

Racial Attitudes: Changing Expectations [F-17-49]

Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine: Metaphors of Small Town America [F-17-50]

The Science of Human Voice Production [F-17-51]

Tai-Chi: The Short Form [F-17-52]

A Taste of Twain: The Report of his Death was an "Exaggeration" [F-17-53]

There's What in My Drinking Water? [F-17-54]

Ticks 2.0: New Findings (Group A) [F-17-55]
Course Closed

Tunes-R-Us [F-17-56]

Vicarious Voyagers XXI [F-17-57]

Watercolor / Mixed Media Art Workshop [F-17-58]

Waters of the Adirondacks [F-17-59]
Course Closed

Whales to Wings: The Hydrodynamics of Humpback Whales [F-17-60]

Who Lost China: When, Where, and How [F-17-61]

Ticks 2.0: New Findings (Group B) [F-17-62]


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