Vicarious Voyagers XXI [F-17-57]

Presenter:Ruth Kreuzer, Lynn and Nils Ekfelt, Ginny and Al Schwartz, Breyne Moskowitz, Juanita Babcock
Location: Potsdam Civic Center: Community Meeting Room (2 Park St.)
Classes: 4 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Wed 1:30 PM 09/06, 09/20, 09/27, 10/04
Status: CLOSED

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Voyage vicariously to exotic places with our world-traveling presenters via their slide shows. “Super SOARer” and honoree for her “Outstanding Contribution to SOAR,” Ruth Kreuzer is herself an avid world traveler and photographer. These adventures await you (in this order):

  1) Ginny and Al Schwartz – “Hybrid Tours of Scandinavia.” Highlights: seeing the midnight sun; sailing north of the Arctic Circle close to the border of Norway and Russia; mix of organized tour and free time. 
   2) Breyne Moskowitz – “Moscow: Some Famous and Some Unexpected Sights.”
Highlights: Red Square, GUM, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s tomb, Kremlin Armory; a boat-ride down river to see Sputnik; a peek into a British school; churches, a synagogue, Lubyanka (KGB/[prison); roaming Novodevichy Convent and Cemetery (burial place of famous Russians); taking a long escalator ride into the subway.
   3) Lynn and Nils Ekfelt – “A Week in Martinique: Wasting Away in Mojitoville” – Highlights: adventure with the squeegee guy; learning to make cod fritters from “the hot pants chef;” treetop walk at Le Jardin de Balata – flowers in March.  
   4) Juanita Babcock – “Countries of the Caucasus: Ancient Times to Post-Soviet Era” – Highlights: contrasts between three countries in language, alphabet, religion, history; the Armenian Genocide Museum; cave towns; many monasteries and churches in Georgia and Armenia; experiencing the friendliness of the Azerbaijan people.

NOTES: 1) Come to any or all of the presentations; 2) Allow extra time to find a parking spot and/or for walking; please do NOT park in the IGA lot – those spaces are for customers!

Cap: 90

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