Creating Clean Air at Home [F-17-20]

Presenter:Andrea Ferro
Location: SUNY: Maxcy 104
Classes: 1 Session 1.5 hours
Dates: Fri 2:30 PM 09/15
Status: CLOSED

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Learn how to walk through your home to identify and prioritize potential indoor air pollutant sources. We will talk about specific issues you have in your own homes, and possibly find solutions that you can implement. We will also look at low-cost indoor air quality monitors that are new on the market and discuss their usefulness for identifying air quality issues.

Cap: 50

Message from presenter Andrea Ferro:

Some of the participants from my seminar on Friday were interested in the inexpensive air quality monitors that I introduced. The one that I recommended for measuring indoor airborne particles is the Speck monitor: ​
The one I brought to class is a Dylos DC1100 Pro. ​

​The Dylos monitor is similar to the Speck, and has about the same accuracy, but I find the Speck easier to use.​ The Dylos and Speck only measure airborne particles. There are others that also include a crude measure of volatile organic compounds, like the Foobot: ​

I haven't used the Foobot personally, and I also haven't seen any scientific studies using this monitor. However, I found a blog post that gave the Foobot an "A" (and the Speck a "B-".

The inexpensive monitors have limitations, but they can give you an indication of the indoor air quality in your home in real time.

I hope this helps.

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Indoor Air Quality. Find here articles on clean air from the United States Environmental Protection Agency = epa.

Andrea Ferro is a professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Clarkson University and a registered professional engineer. Her technical expertise is focused on indoor air quality and human exposure to particulate pollutants. The overall goal of her work is to improve human health by improving air quality through source control, ventilation and purification strategies, education, and regulatory policy.


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