Building Better Bones [F-17-10]

Presenter: Chris Towler, Karly Lindroth-Yates, Ricardo Pacheco, Kristen Orlandini, Jennifer Shields
Location: Clarkson University: Clarkson Hall 2016, Therapy Department
Classes: 6 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Mon 2:30 PM 10/16, Thu 10/19, Mon 10/23, Thu 10/26, Mon 10/30, Thu 11/02
Status: CLOSED

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Building Better Bones is a 3-week course delivered by faculty and students from the Clarkson Physical Therapy Program. The six sessions will include the changes your body undergoes with osteoporosis, diagnostic techniques for osteoporosis, appropriate exercise to prevent osteoporosis, and complications associated with osteoporosis, such as fractures. This course will ensure that participants understand the impacts of osteoporosis and the proper prevention techniques and exercises to circumvent them. Each session will consist of both education and a light exercise session.

Chris Towler is a faculty member at Clarkson University in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. He is a Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Geriatrics. His primary teaching area is cardiopulmonary physical therapy and exercise science, with teaching roles in geriatrics, basic sciences, clinical skills and orthopedics. He has a special interest in bone health. His research focuses on geriatric physical therapy, fall prevention, and identification of those with a risk of falling related to their cardiovascular fitness. The second year Physical Therapy students have completed 4 of the 8 semesters within the program including general sciences, cardiopulmonary, orthopedic, neuromuscular and multiple systems disorders physical therapy, as well as one full time clinical placement.

NOTE: Wear supportive shoes / sneakers and clothing that allows movement and very light exercise.

Cap: 20

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