Ray Bradbury's "Dandelion Wine: Metaphors of Small Town America [F-17-50]

Presenter:Frank Palumbo
Location: SUNY Potsdam: Maxcy 104
Classes: 4 Sessions 1.5 hours
Dates: Mon 10:00 AM 10/09, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30
Status: CLOSED

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The study of Ray Bradbury’s classic novel will draw upon each class participant’s memories of the events, people, and lessons that shaped their own youth. Discussions will not only allow members of the class to travel back to Green Town, Illinois, in the summer of 1928, but also to relive those warm and adventurous days of their own hometowns. Parallels will abound as the metaphors that influenced our childhoods will be shared and once again enjoyed to their fullest. You will remember important relatives, exciting adventures, joys of friendships, fears of the unknown, curious strangers... and that cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day!?

NOTE: The presenter might find some hard copies of “Dandelion Wine.” You can also a) read,  or b) listen to an audio reading, of a full version of the novel online. (See these links in the first item below.) Also below, you will find some study notes and other information - VIEW ALL THE LINKS.

LINKS to .pdf files from  presenter (to be read before coming to class and/or shared in class):

f17-bradbury-links-and-RBpictures.pdf  (Many links: Read or Listen to "Dandelion Wine;" find outline plots and much other information on the novel; includes some photos too.)

f17-bradbury-dandelion-wine-elements.pdf (Dandelion Wine: Chapter Characters and Events)

f17-bradbury-metaphors-abound-17.pdf (Questions about your experiences; Bradbury's advice on writing)

f17-bradbury-byzantium-1974.pdf (Just This Side of Byzantium; an Introduction. Bradbury on writing)

f17-bradbury-collage.pdf (More photos of Bradbury)

Suggested General Link:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandelion_Wine - Information about the author and book (Wikipedia).

Cap: 20

Frank Palumbo taught secondary English and coached athletics at Gouverneur Central School for 35 years. His family and high school students maintained a coast-to-coast friendship with Ray Bradbury for seventeen years. In 2009, Frank and his family traveled to California where they met Ray Bradbury and celebrated with him the occasion of his 89th birthday. Frank has previously offered various SOAR courses related to the works of Ray Bradbury, as well as courses on Classic Science Fiction, Martial Arts History and Philosophy, and Personal Safety and Fitness seminars.

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