Racial Attitudes: Changing Expectations [F-17-49]

Presenter: M. J. Heisey, Nasser Malit, Sheila McIntyre, Jay Pecora, Nancy Lewis
Location: SUNY: Carson 205
Classes: 4 Sessions 2.0 hours
Dates: Tue 3:15 PM 09/12, 09/19, 09/26, 10/03
Status: CLOSED

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These four sessions below, taught by four SUNY Potsdam professors, will focus on a deeper understanding of race in our society with the intention of moving our community, region, and world toward greater equity and justice.

Presenters and their Topics:

Day 1: Nasser Malit.
Introduction to “Diversity and Inclusion Action Coalition (DIAC) – 1 session, 2 hours.
  Nasser Malit is a biological anthropologist specializing in the study of human origins, biological variation and evolutionary aspects of disease. His present research involves the description of a 7000-year-old human fossil that may answer questions concerning the evolution of modern African skeletal forms. He is also involved in forensic identification of skeletons for the New York State Forensic Investigations Unit. He enjoys teaching and guiding students in research work.

Day 2: Sheila McIntyre. "Identity of the Confederate Flag."  
1 session, 1½ hours.
  Sheila McIntyre teaches early American history and researches the 17th century world. Her introductory courses include consideration of the Civil War, Reconstruction, and historical memory. An important part of her teaching includes encouraging students to see the ways that history, including that of the Confederate flag, shows up in our lives in the 21st century.

Day 3: Jay Pecora. "A Brief History of Blackface." 1 session, 1½ hours.
   Jay Pecora is Associate Professor in the Department of Theatre and Dance and Director of the Theatre Education program. White peoples’ fascination with blackface has always interested Jay and led him to create this short history of the genre.

Day 4: Nancy Lewis. "Film: 'White Like Me' (discussion and role play) – 1 session, 2 hours.
   Nancy Lewis is Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at SUNY Potsdam. Having spent her professional career working, studying and teaching in the area of the criminal justice system, she has participated in and witnessed the power of the system to reproduce inequalities at both the individual and community level. As such, she uses analysis of white privilege as a powerful tool to de-construct racism. NOTE: Before coming to session 4, please read a very brief, but useful and thoughtful piece, written by Peggy McIntosh, "Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack"
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NOTE:  Classes meet either 1½ hours or 2 hours.

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