Spring 2010 Course Schedule

Advanced Contract Bridge [S-10-1]

Amish Quilts: Their History and Styles [S-10-2]

Art Workshop B [S-10-3]

The Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon Return to NY State [S-10-4]
Course Closed

Beginning Tai-Chi [S-10-5]
Course Closed

The Brain: How It Works [S-10-6]
Course Closed

Brazilian Embroidery for Beginners [S-10-7]

Cameras: Practical Uses [S-10-8]

Canada: Questions and Answers [S-10-9]

Collecting Antique Postcards [S-10-10]

Compassionate Communication [S-10-11]

Computers: Fundamentals [S-10-12]
Course Closed

Computers: E-mail [S-10-13]
Course Closed

Computers: Basic Photo Editing [S-10-14]
Course Closed

Computers: Writing with Word 2007 [S-10-15]
Course Closed

Continuing Tai-Chi [S-10-16]

Current Events [S-10-17]

Dental and Medical Chemical Research [S-10-18]

Depression: An Overview [S-10-19]

Etiquette: Manners Matter [S-10-20]
Course Closed

Fair Trade: Enriching Our Lives... [S-10-21]

Financial Planning: Selected Issues [S-10-22]
Course Closed

First Ladies: Children, Inlaws and Outlaws [S-10-23]
Course Closed

The Fiscal Crisis of 2008 [S-10-24]

Fun with Math: Puzzles and Pastimes [S-10-25]

Global Science Fiction: Around the World in 80 Microseconds? [S-10-26]

The Great War: The Western Front [S-10-27]

Iran and Contemporary International Relations [S-10-28]

Lincoln: The Springfield Years (1837-1861) [S-10-29]

Mah Jongg [S-10-30]

Medical Ethics [S-10-31]

North Country Authors III [S-10-32]

Painting [S-10-33]

Radio's Golden Days [S-10-34]
Course Closed

Religion in the North Country: Judaism, Christianity and Islam [S-10-35]
Course Closed

Rocks and Minerals [S-10-36]

St. Lawrence County Court House: An Inside View [S-10-37]
Course Closed

Sandpaper, Toothpaste and Silicon Wafers [S-10-38]
Course Closed

Scrabble [S-10-39]

Seismicity: Global and Local [S-10-40]

Small Wind Turbine Technology [S-10-41]
Course Closed

Spring Constellations [S-10-42]

The U. S. Coast Guard: Its Changing Face [S-10-44]

Vegetarian Cooking [S-10-45]
Course Closed

Vicarious Voyagers VI [S-10-46]

Who's Who in Hell [S-10-47]

Writing and Performing a Murder Mystery [S-10-49]


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