Brazilian Embroidery for Beginners [S-10-7]

Presenter:Alma Garner, Neil Garner, Donna Doig
Location: Mayfield Apartments Community Room
Classes: 4 Sessions 2.0 hours
Dates: Mon 10:00 AM 04/12, 04/19, 04/26, 05/03
Status: CLOSED

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Brazilian Embroidery is done with various rayon flosses using different needles for the different weights of floss. Participants will work on a floral pattern called "Simply Irresistible," using these stitches: Stem, Couching, Bullion, Blanket, French Knot, Cast-On, Detached Button hole and the Satin Stitch.

Alma Garner has been doing Brazilian Embroidery for 12 years. She has taken lessons and has attended a seminar on Brazilian Emboridery. She also has experience with cotton floss and has done some crewel. Donna Doig, herself a fine embroiderer, is assisting in this class.

NOTES: Bring a small hoop and scissors; presenter will bring project kits and needles. Cost per kit: $15. 

Cap: 8

LINKS: (see: "Simply Irrisistable" pattern)

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