Fall 2018 Course Schedule

Aaron Burr: Patriot or Traitor? [F-18-1]
Course Closed

AARP Smart Driver Course [F-18-2]

American Predators II [F-18-3]
Course Closed

Archaeology at the John Brown Farm State Historic Site [F-18-4]

Art for Beginners [F-18-5]

Beginner’s Guide to the Biology of Parasites [F-18-6]

Beginning Ballroom Dancing [F-18-7]

Beginning Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-18-8]

Bird’s Eye View of Physics: From Galileo to String Theory [F-18-9]

Cardiovascular System Modeling and Control [F-18-10]

Caribbean Reefs through the Lens of a Diver Geologist [F-18-11]

Chemistry in Medicine [F-18-12]

Climate Change [F-18-13]
Course Closed

Computer Arithmetic [F-18-15]

Continuing Tai-Chi and Qigong [F-18-16]

Cracks in the Holes in the Fossil Record [F-18-17]

Creating Legacy Letters [F-18-18]

Current Events [F-18-19]

Dams of the Raquette River [F-18-20]
Course Closed

Devil in the White City [F-18-21]

Digestive Wellness and Healthy Aging [F-18-22]
Course Closed

Drawing for Everyone [F-18-23]
Course Closed

Duplicate Bridge for Fun: Intermediate Level [F-18-24]

Electric Cars: Easier and Cheaper Than You Think [F-18-25]

Exploring Patterns in Our DNA [F-18-26]
Course Closed

First Ladies [F-18-27]

Fitness for Optimal Aging [F-18-28]
Course Closed

Foreign Aid: Understanding the Debate [F-18-29]

Frederic Remington, the Sportsman [F-18-30]

From Fiber to Yarn [F-18-31]

Galaxies [F-18-32]
Course Closed

Genocide in the Modern World [F-18-33]

Holiday Traditions in December [F-18-34]
Course Closed

Introduction to the “State of Yo” [F-18-35]

Introduction to Yoga A [F-18-36]
Course Closed

Introduction to Yoga B [F-18-36]
Course Closed

Invasive Plant Species in the North Country [F-18-37]

Lactation of St. Bernard and the Renaissance Humanists [F-18-38]

Learning about Shakespeare’s Comedy in Performance: Much Ado about Nothing [F-18-39]

Line Dancing for Beginners [F-18-40]

Mah Jongg [F-18-41]

Medicalization of Society [F-18-42]

Memory and Human Rights in Chile [F-18-43]

More About Bats [F-18-44]

New Science of Stylometry [F-18-45]

Nomads in World History [F-18-46]
Course Closed

Our Carnivorous Ways [F-18-47]

Poetry of Wilfred Owen and Siegfried Sassoon [F-18-48]

Pulse of the Country: The 2018 Midterm Elections [F-18-49]

Racial Attitudes: Changing Expectations [F-18-50]

Secret Soldiers of the Civil War [F-18-51]
Course Closed

Tai-Chi: The Short Form [F-18-52]

Taking Internet Education & Medicine Resources Off the Web [F-18-53]

Tax, Estate, Financial Planning for the Elderly: Part I – Nursing Homes [F-18-54]
Course Closed

Three Obscure Award-Winning Musicals [F-18-55]

Tiffany Windows in Trinity Episcopal Church, Potsdam [F-18-56]

Trees and Shrubs of the North Country [F-18-57]

Tunes-R-Us [F-18-58]

20th Century American Women Writers [F-18-59]

Vicarious Voyagers XXIII [F-18-60]

Vintage Antique Jewelry and Coins [F-18-61]

Watercolor Workshop: Intermediate Level [F-18-62]

What Is a Bitcoin and What Does it Do? [F-18-63]
Course Closed

“Why don’t they just apply for citizenship?” [F-18-64]

Writing and Publishing Very Short Fiction [F-18-65]


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