Art for Beginners [F-18-5]

Presenter: Casie Galletti
Location: SUNY: Satterlee 225
Classes: 8 Sessions 2.0 hours
Dates: Fri 10:00 AM 09/14, 09/21, 09/28, 10/05, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26, 11/02

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This class offers watercolor instruction for neophytes. Projects and instruction will be provided by SUNY Potsdam art student instructor Casie Galletti.


5-7 brushes, rounds and flats are fine. Try and get a few of each. They can vary from nylon synthetic, horse hair or even camel hair brushes. They can vary in sizes as well, from 2-12.

1 set of micron pens (or any kind of illustration pens (black), can range in sizes from 01-05. (.25mm-.45mm), three different sizes will work

1 watercolor paint set with more than 8 colors. Walmart sells a Sax true flow set of 16 watercolor set OR on dickblick you can by a sargents watercolor cakes which range from sets of 16-36.

Paper: arches 10X24 watercolor pad, 140lbs, cold press, found on dickblick (pack of 12).

A couple pieces of smooth paper from a sketchbook, can be a used sketch book - we will use only a couople of pages. (If you do not have a sketchbook and cannnot buy a small one, the presenter can provide some pages.) Shoiuld be at least around 10X14.


Artist tape is needed (blue painters tape and masking tape are also acceptable, the LESS sticky, the better)

Sharpies (presenter will alwasy bring some)

Pencils (lighter kind of skeetching pencils are better) (2H is good)

Paint Pallet (you can also use the side of your watercolor set)

A Folder for hand outs

A small bag to carry supplies in

Two water cups (MUST have two, presenter will bring as many as she can)

A rag or old shirt used to clean brushes



Walmart shopping cart showing what you can buy from there:

Dickblick shopping cart showing the paper and paint you can buy from there:

1) PLEASE try to make two small sketches of any tow things, the sketches should not take too long.
2) PLEASE remember to bring in your copy of your photo to the next class. We will be making a project using this picture, so make sure it is clear and you can draw from it.  Also bring in a light sketching pencil and your illustration pens.

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